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JoJo Camp as OpProsecute Pastebin Dec 19th, 2013

Opprosecute was one of JoJo’s strange schemes to arrest the internet. He posted the following on pastebin. He seems to have had a capitalization problem. #OpProsecute BY: A GUEST ON DEC 19TH, 2013  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 4.87 KB  |  HITS: 2,559  |  EXPIRES: NEVER DOWNLOAD  |  RAW  |  EMBED  |  REPORT ABUSE  |  PRINT #OpProsecute The Following Individual’s Have Come To Our Attention. We Know Who You Are. We Know

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Neal Rauhauser as Kookpocalypse Time Stamped Tweets Nov 21, 2013

Neal as Kookpocalypse, November, 2013. Most of his tweets are with Bill Schmalfelt (@WMSBroadcasting), RJ Sterling (@AdversAerial) and Matt Osborne (OsborneInk and @x3n0ph0n) @kookpocalypse@TheOtzar If it were really a black woman in Detroit we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Zapping clumsy deception is my specialty. Thu Nov 21 19:11:15 +0000 2013 @kookpocalypseMaybe I just made a big mistake. If so, I’m

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Distancing Has Begun, Nov 1, 2012 from Deleted Neal Rauhauser Blog

This post is from Neal Rauhauser’s blog, posted November 1, 2012. It is, of course, deleted Distancing Has Begunby Neal Rauhauser Remember W.J.J. Hoge, Freeper Troll? This guy blabbers on and on about me and Brett Kimberlin … except for this short piece. Relationships On Halloween, Breitbart Unmasked rose up zombie-like and sent me a series of tweets. Their contents were

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CattyIdiot Social Engineers Neal Rauhauser; March 2014

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating or influencing another to reveal information they probably should have kept to themselves.This pastebin contains a conversation that took place on Jabber. Neal is rattygenius in the conversation with CattyIdiot. He talks about smearing Bullyville and it’s spokespersons, Becca Tobin and DJ Ashba. He also talks about the Gosselin v Gosselin case and

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Kookpocalypse And Catsrimportant; Oct 24, 2013

This is Neal as Kookpocalypse and Melissa Brewer (MissAnonNews) as Catsrimportant Oct 24th, 2013 @catsrimportant .@Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial a nibble you say? if i remember correctly it was more than a nibble @catsrimportant .@Kookpocalypse @UnitePink @OsborneInk @AdversAerial shh i’m trying to flirt w/ @C1TYofFL1NT but he’ll have no part of it. @catsrimportant i never understood the fascination with potted

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