Journalist And Author Suzanne Munshower Writes Her First Chirp StoryMarch 18, 2013

On March 17th I left a comment on AZModerates blog that it appeared some of Trina Cuppett’s “Anon” friends were UnderGround Nazis AKA UgNazis.
The next day on March 18th a strange woman appeared on my timeline.  I had never heard of Suzanne Munshower before she jumped on my timeline. I didn’t know her AVI was for real so I assumed she must be an UGNazi.

Suze showed up with RJ Sterling as @Battle_Damage to give me the 5th degree on UniteBlue. RJ explained to Suze what an UgNazi is. I guess she forgot to put that part in her little Chirp Story.

Me and @PapiTerra

How @UniteBlue‘s biggest fan handles an identity question.
by expatina


I don’t get @PapiTerra. Tweets like just another liberal but all lists are to defend or get followers for @UniteBlue. Socky aura.

    PapiTerra 18/Mar/2013 07:12:07 AM PDT

    .@expatina You busted me! Yes, I’m a Sergeant in the @UniteBlue cult. We have indoctrinations at my place on Tuesdays with Koolaid & Cake

      @PapiTerra Thanks. But I think you’ve demoted yourself 😉

        PapiTerra 18/Mar/2013 07:19:48 AM PDT

        @expatina Ah, another veiled threat. What happens next? SpamBlock Another visit from a TrinaGoon? Hack my email? #NotWorried

          @PapiTerra Show me the threat? What exactly was I threatening to do? With friends like you, @UniteBlue needs no enemies.

            PapiTerra 18/Mar/2013 07:29:04 AM PDT

            @markm1962 @expatina @UniteBlue Oh, the gang is showing up. Where are the rest of the UGNazis?

              I’m trying to keep an open mind on @UniteBlue but having @PapiTerra turn into a thug calling me Nazi doesn’t help. WTF?