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Weinergate: STFU And Let It Go Already, Rauhauser Pastebin; Apr 28, 2012

This post by Neal Rauhauser appeared on pastebin. Rauhauser’s “simple” explanation involves a lot of tinfoil. Neal was the one who insisted Weiner was hacked and framed. Weinergate: STFU and let it go already BY: A GUEST ON APR 28TH, 2012  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 7.94 KB  |  HITS: 296  |  EXPIRES: NEVER DOWNLOAD  |  RAW  |  EMBED  |  REPORT ABUSE  |  PRINT First, Mike Grimm in NY-13 makes an inappropriate

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Trina Cuppett, Zach Green And UnderGroundNazis; April, 2013

Though suspended now, NaziGods was a hacker group that specialized in DDoS attacks, trolling Justin Bieber’s twitter account and making obscene racist remarks to African American and Jewish teenagers. Trina wasn’t playing matchmaker here when she introduced the antisemite Nazigods to Jewish Zach Green. Tweet @Kriddlelyn2 ago DoS PostEffect RT @TrinaCuppett: RT @NaziGods: If you defend pedos,rapists,murders or child abusers you

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