OpTrollBill Has No Hate, May 14, 2013

One of the more despicable individuals on Twitter was OpTrollBill, who was originally was a female Libertarian member of PJMedia but suddenly turned into a male Anon with a kid, hiding his political agenda behind a smokescreen of outrage.

Bill Tally was a regular on Twitter for years. What nobody knew was that he’d been arrested for possessing child porn and possessing drugs with intent to sell. He waged a court battle that went on for years before finally pleading guilty to possessing child porn. 

Tally was outed on the child porn while he was awaiting a court date for sentencing.  There was a major effort to get Tally off Twitter. While that was a worthwhile cause, it was tainted by OpTrollBill, who decided that anyone who ever knew Bill Tally or might once have tweeted to Tally was a “pedo enabler”. That got a lot of “pedo hunters” going after members of UniteBlue. 

It was an absolutely insane witch hunt. And yes, OpTrollBill was as terrible as people said.


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