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RJ Sterling And His Serial Accounts July 19th, 2011

RJ Sterling outs another one of his serial accounts @L1bertySent1nel. Tweet Url: The Adversary™ ‏@AdversAerialOne 19 Jul 2011 @nellywagner But I did create @L1bertySent1nel. I need to put Captain America on it. Nelly Ramirez ‏@nellywagner @R_J_Sterling @L1bertySent1nel OK, feel fine now. The self-therapy is officially over. 2:01 PM – 19 Jul 2011

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Keepers of the Secret

Bill Talley aka @Political_Bill was charged with, and eventually convicted, of possessing child porn. Trina Cuppett was one of around 30 people who were informed of Talley’s legal problems for five months before she outed him. @ziletrezo @expatina @keyboardninja13 @deuce788 @OsborneInk Try & spin it whatever way you wish, the truth is you kept Talleys #pedo crimes secret @keyboardninja13 ago DoS

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Timeline of Debbie Caplan, July 17, 2013

This is the timeline of Debbie Caplan who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. What’s interesting is her screen capture showing EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks calling UniteBlue a Right Wing PAC funded group.   Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR Didn’t they claim they aren’t with UB? Hmmm, @EileenLeft @expatina @DkChoco @keyboardninja13 @budmanmizzou 4:01 PM – 17 Jul 2013  Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR

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