Timeline of Debbie Caplan, July 17, 2013

This is the timeline of Debbie Caplan who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.
What’s interesting is her screen capture showing EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks calling UniteBlue a Right Wing PAC funded group. 

 Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR

Didn’t they claim they aren’t with UB? Hmmm, @EileenLeft @expatina @DkChoco @keyboardninja13 @budmanmizzou pic.twitter.com/ejw5NZsBDm

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4:01 PM – 17 Jul 2013

 Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

They R the #RWNJ‘s paid or promised by #TeaParty Activist @140elect @1000daysoframen @expatina @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788

 Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

@expatina Aren’t they Right Wingers? @1000daysoframen @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788 @Hexicon @Sanguinarious

     Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

    @1000daysoframen There go the #RWNJs who work 4 @140elect AKA Zach Green. #TeaParty @expatina @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788

     Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

    @1000daysoframen The #TeaParty is the worst thing to happen to our Nation since 9/11. Their Extinction will be sooner then later. #p2 #CTL

      lloyd@Art_Guy1 Jul 17

      @expatina @1000daysoframen @DebbieCaplanPR @140elect @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788 Perseus couldn’t deal with those folks.

         Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

        That’s BCuz they are UB! #ZachGreensArmy @expatina @1000daysoframen @140elect @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788

           Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

          The #TeaParty #ALEC #StandYourGround is bought and paid for by #TheKochBros & fellow Billionaires Wannabe #WorldDominators @1000daysoframen

             Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

            I just had several #RWNJ‘s try to follow me. Coincidence! @expatina @1000daysoframen @140elect @EileenLeft @DkChoco @budmanmizzou @deuce788

             Debbie Caplan@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 17

            @expatina Grrrr, I can’t find it!!!! I’ve been trying????

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