CattyIdiot Social Engineers Neal Rauhauser; March 2014

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating or influencing another to reveal information they probably should have kept to themselves.

This pastebin contains a conversation that took place on Jabber. Neal is rattygenius in the conversation with CattyIdiot. He talks about smearing Bullyville and it’s spokespersons, Becca Tobin and DJ Ashba. He also talks about the Gosselin v Gosselin case and implies he’s working with a group.

In any case, the conversation is a nice example of social engineering.

Catty & Ratty (Neal?) Chat

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(10:53:22 PM) I think James McGibney is back pedaling pretty quickly from me. You see the faildox on MissAnonNews?

(10:53:47 PM) cattyidiot@: Yes. Was it a faildox?

(10:53:55 PM) cattyidiot@: I looked at it, but didn’t vet.

(10:54:17 PM) Yeah, Capri Jones? They think it’s a porn blogger

(10:54:44 PM) I had to wait, I asked around or who still talked to her

(10:54:51 PM) word came back, no worries, do whatever

(10:54:59 PM) cattyidiot@: Who do you think did that d0x/

(10:55:30 PM) @BullyVille was really smarting off about it “Time to drop a grenade down a rabbit hole.”

(10:55:37 PM) cattyidiot@: right…

(10:55:47 PM) and the main account said it had paid for information and that a friend had turned

(10:56:06 PM) cattyidiot@: well it has a familiar style to it.

(10:56:11 PM) Welna

(10:56:25 PM) but with background from cracy Michelle

(10:56:28 PM) cattyidiot@: nahhh. you think he’s doing work for BV?

(10:56:45 PM) I think for pay, and I was focused on who would know the old history

(10:57:01 PM) style wise who did you think?

(10:57:43 PM) cattyidiot@: I’d rather not say who’s style it looks like… but he’s someone who’s done plenty of d0x in the past.

(10:58:16 PM) taht’s not a big pool of people

(10:58:27 PM) and there is search/analysis and writing

(10:58:31 PM) cattyidiot@: And has recently been associated as close to McGibney

(10:58:34 PM) working for BV? 5hm00p, Hammi

(10:58:51 PM) cattyidiot@: one of those guys works for BV and the other doesn’t

(10:59:00 PM) cattyidiot@: or so I’m told.

(10:59:08 PM) Hammi has made quite a few ham handed approaches to me

(10:59:32 PM) cattyidiot@: Hammy gets fired up and needs settling down.

(10:59:40 PM) cattyidiot@: He rubs some pople the wrong way.

(10:59:48 PM) cattyidiot@: Whats funny is …

(10:59:58 PM) cattyidiot@: A LOT of people say he works for you.

(11:00:18 PM) I saw that starting, damned silly

(11:01:20 PM) cattyidiot@: one guy in particular can’t stop saying it…

(11:01:30 PM) cattyidiot@: evey chance he gets.

(11:01:31 PM) which?

(11:01:48 PM) cattyidiot@: CAB

(11:01:57 PM) drugged or nuts

(11:02:37 PM) no stopping that

(11:02:48 PM) cattyidiot@: so what is his problem with you?

(11:03:00 PM) we were talking, we had some mutual friends

(11:03:27 PM) someone got ahold of him, yanked his tail, that was that

(11:04:16 PM) he’s a liability, but not that much of one, he’s just not someone I would do much with, I have very little patience for those who are unwell any more

(11:07:51 PM) cattyidiot@: ahh, so i can understand that.

(11:08:05 PM) cattyidiot@: so what happening with your treatment if i may ask?

(11:08:22 PM) eight weeks off everything, then blood test. I have a month to go.

(11:08:47 PM) cattyidiot@: oh 8 weeks off? meds?

(11:08:56 PM) yeah, stuff for adrenals

(11:09:14 PM) cattyidiot@: gotchya… and your either healthier or need to stay on it.

(11:09:45 PM) a few afternoon naps, otherwise hasn’t been that much of a deal, but diet adjust is required

(11:10:17 PM) I get the text next month, I get a prescription, I get monitored. I am going trying to manage it of my own accord, it’s hazardous

(11:10:29 PM) err

(11:10:53 PM) done trying to manage it on my own

(11:11:26 PM) cattyidiot@: its good to get some professional supervision on that sort of thing

(11:11:41 PM) So, McGibney, can you think of any reason not to lay waste to that whole business?

(11:13:02 PM) cattyidiot@: It does seem to be gaining in unpopularity as late…

(11:13:51 PM) cattyidiot@: it seems most of the dislike of it is surrounding steubenville people and the John Plus kate crew.

(11:14:16 PM) I’m going to talk to review the Gosselin v. Gosselin case, I think it will not survive on merit – claims 2x to 4x out of date, and his backing up their home computer on a regular basis is “hacking”

(11:14:20 PM) total drama whore bullshit

(11:14:50 PM) you can tell I’m half asleep, can hardly make a proper sentence

(11:15:15 PM) anyway, going to look at what is happening, but that motion to dismiss seemed pretty lethal to me

(11:16:09 PM) Seems to me Becca Tobin endorsing an operation like that is very sketchy. I ignored her, called out the PR firm Friday

(11:16:14 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, I haven’t followed it that closely. I agree… Jon, broke the line… but I TBH that drama seems to be a whole lot of bizarre to me on twitter

(11:16:38 PM) don’t think he did anything wrong, he had a backup of their computer from when they were still married

(11:17:13 PM) and McGIbney seemed to think this one event could be labeled hacking, and then used to ensnare other hackers(!)

(11:17:35 PM) cattyidiot@: … he had it BEFORE they divorced? Cuz she claims it happened after…

(11:17:44 PM) it’s a big load of shit

(11:17:48 PM) cattyidiot@: and didnt she claim he was resetting her email passwords and goin in?

(11:17:50 PM) divorce he said/she said

(11:18:40 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, well that shit certainly gets messy.

(11:18:42 PM) I saw that seven of the eight claims were defamation 2x to 4x outside the time frame and the rest was just hinky, I assumed the motion to dismiss was going to kill it, or get a dismissal w/o prejudice and force them to clarify what they mean.

(11:19:35 PM) cattyidiot@: huh.

(11:20:07 PM) So there is no reason you can think of to not just hand stuff over to National Enquirer and let them print Becca Tobin in a Bullyville t-shirt and some screaming headline?

(11:21:27 PM) cattyidiot@: she’s one of the two celeb spokespersons, right?

(11:21:35 PM) yup

(11:21:42 PM) squeaky clean image from what I have heard

(11:22:21 PM) cattyidiot@: which is strange because i just saw BV tout that some it’s best friends are bullies…

(11:22:56 PM) cattyidiot@: I dunno man… they do some good… but they do seem to be causing a lot of trouble too.

(11:24:10 PM) Hunter Moore was a win

(11:24:18 PM) cattyidiot@: yep.

(11:24:35 PM) thinking he could parlay it bigger, coming after MAN, after me, after qritiq

(11:24:57 PM) any one of the three is a bad idea, he chose to press all the elevator buttons at once

(11:25:29 PM) cattyidiot@: Also… the weird association with SM

(11:26:03 PM) he may be setting up whatever hackers are dumb enough to deal with him

(11:26:16 PM) there was speculation to that effect

(11:26:28 PM) I think he’s just lacking the skills for the things he thinks he can do

(11:27:30 PM) I dunno what Hammi’s major malfunction is. His personality changed over the last six months.

(11:27:35 PM) cattyidiot@: Well obviously there is a niche he see’s in the social mediasphere and he wants his company to be the first to do something about it.

(11:28:19 PM) cattyidiot@: Hammi likes rustling people. The key is to not let him know that you are rustled.

(11:28:33 PM) I think it’s a piss poor niche, have considered it at length, I don’t see how you could structure it to be able to serve as muscle, without getting the brand caught up in BS

(11:29:05 PM) Hammi is clumsy, he does things I’d do if I expected them not to work, but wanted to insult the target by trying

(11:29:08 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, the legal aspects are daunting.

(11:29:32 PM) cattyidiot@: Especially if one of the bullies you target and spend time on end up being in another country…or contient.

(11:29:37 PM) cattyidiot@: 8continent

(11:29:44 PM) cattyidiot@: I cant fuckin type either.

(11:29:48 PM) Four different times he’s stepped up to me with stuff … my take is he’s being paid, or he’s been flipped by the feds over something we’re not away of

(11:29:52 PM) /away/aware/

(11:30:54 PM) 5hm00p’s judgement seems a bit suspect, too. Does what he does, shows up at DEFCON, gets on elevatorsec video, and he’s taking pay from BullyVille? That’s way too much showing for someone who plays the games he does

(11:31:46 PM) cattyidiot@: For what its worth… I don’t think hammy has been flipped by the feds. i think he’s just someone who is very direct and sarcastic and that makes people crazy.

(11:32:44 PM) cattyidiot@: Now… Neal… if we are going to discuss stuff here… can we agree this is not gonna become a public log?

(11:33:09 PM) 80% of it is my thinking on various things

(11:33:18 PM) cattyidiot@: true…

(11:33:21 PM) cattyidiot@: but…

(11:33:40 PM) I’ve released some logs this year

(11:33:55 PM) cattyidiot@: you and I are both smart…

(11:33:59 PM) after nachash and Hammi started getting nosy about MAN, that was that

(11:34:25 PM) Sam Birbeck really needs to completely stop trying to do things to get on my nerves, so his stuff gets dropped

(11:34:39 PM) you had amazingly bad luck timing wise

(11:34:50 PM) cattyidiot@: it can 80% your thoughts and the way my 20% is spun can make your 80% seem insignificant.

(11:35:16 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah i don;t know birbeck.

(11:35:25 PM) I am not looking to add any new enemies to the already crowded roster

(11:35:58 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, but can we agree that NOTHING from this chat will go public?

(11:36:03 PM) nothing

(11:36:05 PM) agreed

(11:36:11 PM) cattyidiot@: OK.

(11:36:22 PM) Something else you wanted to sahre?

(11:36:34 PM) cattyidiot@: Then, I agree with you on what you said about shm00p. Something is weird about that situation.

(11:37:06 PM) retardation on display

(11:38:45 PM) cattyidiot@: you think thats shm00p?

(11:38:55 PM) that tweet

(11:39:07 PM) I have talked to 5hm00p a bit, he is 100x more technical than that derp

(11:39:19 PM) cattyidiot@: yes, that is my understanding.

(11:39:30 PM) the temporal signature for that account and BV is the same

(11:39:37 PM) cattyidiot@: Also.. do you really think he’s ont he elevator?

(11:39:58 PM) cattyidiot@: I know skideeleet aka manicorn aka therealjesse was on the levator…

(11:40:07 PM) and before he got serious about splitting stuff up CO would be told something and BV would promptly display knowledge

(11:40:29 PM) They played an audio track over the actual recording. One of our sound people went through and pulled the voices out of it

(11:41:20 PM) cattyidiot@: Well, I agree that CO is BV… just not sure who is working behind that acct most… some believe its McGibney… but I have hard tim ebelieveing he’s running all those companies and sitting on SM’s TL all day.

(11:41:51 PM) not sure what they do that requires running

(11:42:17 PM) looks like a lot of false fronts, Zazzle style gear sales, not something that needs constant hand holding

(11:43:10 PM) I don’t think he had a lot of revenue, I think he got pulled into political stuff because there is money, and he badly damaged the brand by thinking he could use that bullyblast stuff on anyone that displeases him

(11:44:03 PM) cattyidiot@: Ok… but wait… are you saying agentDarkapple left the original voice track on that video and put the music over it?

(11:44:10 PM) cattyidiot@: That would require mixing…

(11:44:22 PM) yeah, that is what they say they found

(11:44:31 PM) low quality audio, I haven’t got it back yet

(11:44:35 PM) I have a tin ear for that stuff

(11:44:55 PM) cattyidiot@: weird.

(11:45:19 PM) Agent Dark Apple was the only one not identified in the 4/6 release by Pythorian

(11:45:24 PM) Nicky Baker

(11:45:31 PM) I think

(11:46:41 PM) cattyidiot@: hey… I gotto wrap up.

(11:46:46 PM) me too

(11:46:53 PM) talk to you later

(11:48:43 PM) has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same.


(8:05:27 PM) Attempting to start a private conversation…

(8:05:27 PM) cattyidiot@: Hi.

(8:05:27 PM) Unverified conversation with started. Your client is logging this conversation.

(8:05:30 PM) cattyidiot@: Hello.


(8:16:24 PM) well

(8:16:28 PM) things change quickly

(8:17:07 PM) cattyidiot@: hows that?

(8:17:21 PM) final faildox on @MissAnonNews

(8:17:40 PM) cattyidiot@: Oh. Can I ask something about that?

(8:17:45 PM) sure

(8:17:48 PM) cattyidiot@: How do you its a faildox?

(8:17:56 PM) cattyidiot@: *know

(8:18:15 PM) because Capri Jones is former VP for a tech startup

(8:18:37 PM) no chance her schedule matches that kept by MissAnonNews

(8:19:06 PM) cattyidiot@: that makes sense.

(8:19:15 PM) cattyidiot@: I have spent almost zero time looking into it though

(8:19:33 PM) simplest, easiest means – temporal sig for MAN is that of someone on summer break, on disability, etc

(8:19:41 PM) cattyidiot@: right

(8:19:42 PM) it sounds 100% like my friend OccupyRebellion

(8:19:57 PM) but she scampered in early June, I’ve just avoided reconnecting

(8:20:15 PM) cattyidiot@: Also… you are not @P2_D_U?

(8:20:21 PM) fuck no

(8:20:24 PM) where did that shit come form?

(8:20:25 PM) cattyidiot@: OK.

(8:20:33 PM) cattyidiot@: It’s been speculation kicking around.

(8:20:41 PM) cattyidiot@: I figured I’d ask you directly

(8:20:41 PM) That’s a teatard in Cypress Texas named Brian Stephens

(8:20:54 PM) his family runs Conservative Crusaders, 25 year old political action thing

(8:21:07 PM) cattyidiot@: Is that the guy who is alleging that he had his kid appear in a picture…

(8:21:07 PM) he’s tight /w crazy Michelle, I think they shared the account for a while

(8:21:19 PM) his kid was in a picture

(8:21:25 PM) someone had a shot of them next to a WW II bomber

(8:21:50 PM) this is the derp that tried the false report to Capitol Police on me making ‘subliminal threats’ to Darrell Issa

(8:22:04 PM) who ever is floating that is me is either a total idiot or 100% game

(8:23:50 PM) cattyidiot@: i think its just because it appeared to be tweeting like you for a few days… then it shut down… and since then its been pretty clearly not you

(8:24:05 PM) lotta buttrage out there

(8:24:14 PM) I have been showing the counter increasing on Splunk box I use on Twitter

(8:24:26 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, kinda funny.

(8:24:30 PM) fucked up their game in Buffalo, caught the faildox of MAN

(8:25:03 PM) I ranted a bit this afternoon via @NealRauhauser

(8:25:06 PM) cattyidiot@: MAN is just a troll account anyway.

(8:25:30 PM) cattyidiot@: I can’t take it seriously.

(8:26:24 PM) cattyidiot@: Am I wrong about that?

(8:26:45 PM) basically, for the real shitheads, they have about 65 seconds to correct any mistake they make

(8:28:12 PM) whatever, it’s banned, hope it stays that way

(8:31:04 PM) cattyidiot@: LOL. I hear ya.

(8:31:10 PM) cattyidiot@: Hey, that Brian stephens guy…

(8:31:14 PM) yeah

(8:31:18 PM) cattyidiot@: do you know what town he is in?

(8:31:24 PM) Cypress

(8:31:28 PM) nw of Houston

(8:31:29 PM) I believe

(8:31:31 PM) cattyidiot@: Also… is he associated with Texas militias?

(8:31:38 PM) dox was @GomerWHoward

(8:31:51 PM) cattyidiot@: Oh… so thats that guy.

(8:32:00 PM) he talked about being a twin, talked about being an Eagle scout, talked about the type of bomber his father flew

(8:32:19 PM) didn’t use his SSN for Twitter ID, but about as good

(8:32:28 PM) cattyidiot@: lol

(8:33:03 PM) cattyidiot@: Some of these people really should just use their SSN. It would alleviate confusion and make things run smoother.

(8:33:25 PM) yup

(8:33:33 PM) free speech, it’s a shame people use it to be full time asswipes

(8:33:38 PM) cattyidiot@: They use all kinds of identifying info and then are confused when people come at them for acting like assholes.

(8:34:16 PM) yup

(8:46:11 PM) you have any ties to BullyVille?

(9:21:41 PM) cattyidiot@: sorry… had to go do something away from computer..

(9:21:49 PM) cattyidiot@: I have no ties to BV

(9:21:55 PM) ok

(9:22:09 PM) I am not sure exactly what the underlying motivation is

(9:22:20 PM) but him, Hammi, 5hm00p, all running after me

(9:22:42 PM) cattyidiot@: Trust me when I say this…

(9:22:47 PM) cattyidiot@: Hammy is not running after you.

(9:22:56 PM) nah

(9:23:04 PM) the logs say differently

(9:23:05 PM) cattyidiot@: He and I were both upset with you after that incident.

(9:23:09 PM) oh no

(9:23:11 PM) cattyidiot@: You haven’t resumed talking to him

(9:23:11 PM) after that

(9:23:21 PM) the logs say differently

(9:23:28 PM) he’s been talking at me, I have been too busy to answer

(9:23:58 PM) cattyidiot@: No… but… Neal, listen. Everyone approaches stuff differently.

(9:24:25 PM) cattyidiot@: I’m diplomatic despite what my TL might sometimes suggest.

(9:24:36 PM) cattyidiot@: Hammy is 4Chan style confrontational.

(9:24:44 PM) cattyidiot@: But if you speak with him, he calms down.

(9:24:59 PM) cattyidiot@: As for Shm00p and BV I haven’t a clue.

(9:25:22 PM) cattyidiot@: and neither does Hammy.

(9:25:37 PM) cattyidiot@: Shm00p doesn’t communicate with either of us.

(9:26:22 PM) 03:02 -!- Irssi: Starting query in wtfux with Hammurabi

03:02 come on out little fella

03:02 I just wanna talk

04:59 pussy

04:59 -!- Hammurabi [] has quit [client exited: lea

(9:26:35 PM) cattyidiot@: Right…

(9:26:42 PM) cattyidiot@: that is his approach.

(9:27:08 PM) there have been several thigns

(9:27:08 PM) cattyidiot@: admittedly that isnt the best approach

(9:27:10 PM) I have let slide

(9:27:22 PM) and it’s not just me seeing it

(9:27:37 PM) I flat out asked some folks if he’d been flipped by the feds, given the way he’s behaving

(9:27:51 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, and?

(9:28:34 PM) yes to behavior change, no to fed flip

(9:28:45 PM) cattyidiot@: right.

(9:29:00 PM) maybe he’s midpoint FTM tranny and he got knocked up?

(9:29:07 PM) cattyidiot@: well… I can tell you the behavior change is related to stuff off the internet.


(10:02:33 PM) cattyidiot@: if i get Hammi to calm down, will you speak with him?

(10:02:33 PM) ?

(10:02:37 PM) nope

(10:02:43 PM) that part is over

(10:02:48 PM) cattyidiot@: OK. fair enough.

(10:03:00 PM) nothing left but BullyVille, which is being decided this evening and tomorrow

(10:03:12 PM) not sure I have anything left to prove in that space

(10:04:13 PM) cattyidiot@: Hey, not sure if you have done so… but I;d advise you reach out to shm00p or someone you can talk to over on that end before you take any action.

(10:04:32 PM) nah

(10:04:53 PM) multiple attempts to frame me, harassing/doxing my friends, the first impression was made, not at all positive

(10:05:25 PM) got a buddy who does crisis PR, we’re deciding how to frame a letter to the PR people for Becca Tobin & DJ Ashba

(10:05:32 PM) cattyidiot@: i thought you used to get along with those guys though.

(10:05:38 PM) famefagging shit on Twitter will not do him a lick of good

(10:05:43 PM) BullyVille?

(10:06:00 PM) cattyidiot@: No… I was referring to RL and shm00p

(10:06:14 PM) cattyidiot@: Bullyville, I know you’ve felt under siege by them

(10:06:32 PM) Rl mostly meh, not my thing, talked to 5hm00p a bit, he started after occupyrebellion, working for BullyVille

(10:06:36 PM) that’s that

(10:08:09 PM) cattyidiot@: Ok. either wouldseem to be a tough battle to fight, but if you think you got the right angle, then you have to do what you feel is right for you.

(10:08:31 PM) one shot, disaster for BV

(10:08:51 PM) lotta Democrats in Hollywood, and the stuff he is messing with, no way do Tobin’s people want that anywhere near her

(10:09:05 PM) I have a less solid read on Ashba, since he and BV are neighbors

(10:09:15 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, I haven’t looked, but is McGibney registered GOP?

(10:09:35 PM) doesn’t matter to me, he’s taking info from crazy Michelle and harassing women at random

(10:10:08 PM) and the big picture, he was trying to recruit folks to go after Brett Kimberlin due to a child rape charge … which was wholly fabricated by the psycho stalker in Virginia

(10:10:48 PM) deadly insults, one after the other

(10:10:56 PM) and he either doesn’t know how he comes off

(10:10:59 PM) cattyidiot@: yeah, I saw when you posted the disposition of that case.

(10:11:19 PM) or … he just has an astonishingly low opinion of everyone in the world but himself


(10:19:05 PM) ok, go, ttyl

(10:19:08 PM) cattyidiot@: ttyl