Court Docket for Melissa Brewers Prostitution Arrest

While looking for the arrest records of Melissa Brewer’s ex (he stabbed a woman in the chest) I ran across her court docket for prostitution in 2006

Going by the name of “Lisa” she was 5’3″, 200 lbs and charged $200 for an hour of her time.

Her pimp was teenager Andrew Klepper, known as the baseball bat rapist. At the age of 16, he and his buddies attacked and raped a woman. And yes, a baseball bat was used. Andrew had a rich attorney for a father so he did no jail time for that assault. When arrested with “Lisa”, he was 19.

According to news stories, Lisa claimed her arrest took place after her third trick of the day. Andrew’s rich daddy must have come to the rescue, Lisa was only charged for trespassing.