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Chronic Histrionic, A Pattern of Abuse

After having her “satirical death threat” reported to Texas law enforcement, Romano got her followers to harass the woman who reported her. Never trust someone who tweets about themselves in the third person. Twitter / deniseromano: @2011teacher Why did a DPS ….  Vox ‏@deniseromano @2011teacher Why did a DPS officer with a political agenda get away with harassing @deniseromano? #standwithvox

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PoliticolNews Tweets Against UniteBlue, 2013

One of the most insidious and consistant attackers of UniteBlue was the Twitter account PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador.  This conspiracy theorist, anti vaccination, Canadian extremist took part in most of the campaigns against UniteBlue and its members. No one understands why she cares. Politicolnews ‏@Politicolnews Jan 7  If you want to know more about the Tea Party consultants known as Unite

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Denise Romano Is Concerned About UniteBlueDilemma; March 5th, 2013

Romano tweets Trina Cuppett the same day went public.Weird how a blog that mentioned her by name was online for 6 months before anyone mentioned it to her.  Vox ‏@deniseromano @TrinaCuppett I’m being asked who put together the UniteBlueDilemma site. People are afraid shoq is behidn it & don’t trust it. Thanx.10:50 PM – 5 Mar 2013 Vox ‏@deniseromano

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Devin Millington Joins OpUniteBlue

Devin Millington later abandoned opuniteblue, the silly op to destroy UniteBlue, but like the rest of The Cabal, he never took responsibility for his part in targeting thousands of people for harassment. Devin @devinmillington @Politicolnews @TrinaCuppett @EileenLeft Well, thx to you and Trina, I’m now on board BigTime with #opuniteblue & helping expose the truth. MarinaGipps @marinagipps RT @DevinMillington: @Politicolnews

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