Denise Romano Is Concerned About UniteBlueDilemma; March 5th, 2013

Romano tweets Trina Cuppett the same day went public.

Weird how a blog that mentioned her by name was online for 6 months before anyone mentioned it to her.

    Someone pointed out many grammatical errors in it and they just want to know it’s legit & not fake.

     Vox ‏@deniseromano Mar 5

    @TrinaCuppett so as far as you know, the info is legitimate and true? That’s all I want to be sure of.

    BlizzyBe ‏@BlizzyBe Mar 6

    @deniseromano @trinacuppett The spelling makes it look like it was done by a divider from a red state. Lol

    BlizzyBe ‏@BlizzyBe Mar 6

    @TrinaCuppett @deniseromano They should get their $ back unless fixed. I still think it might be done by a red state speller. Lol #grins

    BlizzyBe ‏@BlizzyBe Mar 6

    @TrinaCuppett @deniseromano And there is no way to know, is there? I’m leaning toward Mr Mustard in the library with a candlestick. #grins

    BlizzyBe ‏@BlizzyBe Mar 6

    @TrinaCuppett @deniseromano Still need better spelling to be credible. And I am being serious. Have heard multiple comments on this.

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