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Trina Cuppett Tweets from 2013

Trina Cuppett tweets. Whatever Trina’s agenda may have been, she specialized in much ado about nothing. @TrinaCuppett RT @bullyville: Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. ~Benjamin Franklin @deuce788 @ro0ted @TrinaCuppett Mostly UB people attempting to protect the Green family business. @TrinaCuppett @karoli @DkChoco Yes but they’ve managed to drag

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Politicolnews Deleted Tweets; March 2013

@PoliticolNews was one of the initiators of the attacks on UniteBlue.FYI, Twit Chimps was a client of 140dev and used software developed by that company. @Politicolnews9 d ago@TrinaCuppett That’s rich, attack then hide -yep, that’s #UniteBlue uniting the Left is it? A joke ->@cihuamexica @Politicolnews9 d ago #UniteBlue is in desperation mode. @TrinaCuppett @catawu @ziletrezo @PapiTerra @ibUB2 @NaziGods @Politicolnews9 d

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EileenLeft Lies Again; February 2013

EileenLeft made a huge drama after she screwed up ConnectTheLeft. She may have started the #ConnectTheLeft hashtag but she did little with it.  It was basically a Follow Back club and not very successful at that either.After several years EileenLefts membership list for ConnectTheLeft was around 1200 people. The group had no stated goals and no leadership, it wasn’t going

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SwiftRead And Zapem, Catfight; Sept 2011

Seeing SwiftRead and Zapem fighting always makes me smile. The “failed utube” would be Zapem’s Twittergate video exposing trolls for trolling. If you didn’t see the video you’re like %99.99999 of the population of the planet.Here swiftread accuses Zapem of stealing the investigation and claiming her husband is a fed. Actually her husband is a retired cop and Zapem worked

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Tom Retzlaff as @BV_Truth Goes Trolling Feb 17, 2014

Retzlaff, serial stalker and rapist, tries to convince people to take his side. Deb @dabadooey ‏@dabadooey Feb 17 @optrollbill @OsborneInk Quit beating dead horse.Talley is last yr’s news.This yr’s is @Bullyville‘s civil suit against ur buddy Neal et al Truth ‏@BV_Truth Feb 17 @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk Did u know that Bullyville & wife run a revenge porn site that charges

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DrDigiPol and Talley Discuss UniteBlue

For The Record: Bill Talley aka @Political_Bill was a member of ConnectTheLeft,  personally vetted by @EileenLeft. Talley also served on the Advisory Board of UniteBlue briefly but was removed from the organization as soon as his court case was announced on March 9th, 2013. Talley is still on the ConnectTheLeft membership list.Alan Rosenblatt aka DrDigiPol was also a member of

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