Eileen Left Lies About Ownership of @ConnectTheLeft February 26th, 2013

It turned out that Simon Cowart set up the Twitter account and provided proof of this. EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks lied in order to get people on her side.

@BlizzyBe @3StepsBack so he’s saying that ‘he’ set up the accts, but who really set them up? How did you end up running FB page?

    @EileenLeft @blizzybe @3stepsback my question. Why interlocking D’s. and the word “blue” but won’t commit to electing Dems. my concern

    @LauraShezBar @EileenLeft @BlizzyBe You SHOULD be concerned with this….they supported candidates like Paul & Roemer last time around

      @3StepsBack you still here?? they just proved that Simon is lying with his own words, faked details and faked photos…this is gonna be fun

      1:16 AM – 26 Feb 2013