Karoli Kuns and EileenLeft Connecting The Left? February 2013

This conversation took place in February 2013. The list referred to was EileenLeft’s list of members. After several years of Collecting The Left she managed to get 1090 members. EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks got bent out of shape when liberals decided something a little more action oriented was needed.                     T

@3StepsBack hey, me too…so shit’s been happening…Simon gave away our ConnectTheLeft twitter page

11:56 PM – 25 Feb 2013

    @EileenLeft @3StepsBack I caught a screenshot of the list you were building on TwitWall…from the Google Cache. . https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4ixIFJKLlzAWk5UdmZjQWg0M00/edit?usp=sharing …

      @Karoli @3StepsBack there’s one on the tumblir pg too, I moved it over when twitwall was screwing up

      @EileenLeft never mind. I found it. Thanks.

        @EileenLeft and you have about 1100 names on that list, and it was maintained as recently as January?

           Eileen Left™ ‏@EileenLeft 26 Feb 2013

          @Karoli sorry took so long, sick kid, homework and multi-tasking here too

          Karoli ‏@Karoli 26 Feb 2013

          @EileenLeft DM…

          greg ‏@TaoistSoul 26 Feb 2013

          @TrinaCuppett @Karoli @EileenLeft @3StepsBack Oy, is this gonna be like the Shoq drama. Cuz that was embarrassing!

          Karoli ‏@Karoli 26 Feb 2013

          @TaoistSoul @TrinaCuppett @EileenLeft @3StepsBack you’d rather I just STFU and let the consequences go where they might? Ok. I can do that.

           Eileen Left™ ‏@EileenLeft 26 Feb 2013

          @Karoli @TaoistSoul @TrinaCuppett @3StepsBack no, you did a lot of the investigative reporting…and it is righteous

          LLPrater ‏@3StepsBack

          @EileenLeft @Karoli @TaoistSoul @TrinaCuppett So our Benedict Simon just unfriended me on FB….imagine that.

          Karoli ‏@Karoli 26 Feb 2013

          @3StepsBack sigh. I was hoping this wouldn’t turn into some huge drama….guess that was optimistic of me.

          LLPrater ‏@3StepsBack 26 Feb 2013

          @Karoli I feel ya there….heading back to FB where I am still Admistress of OUR OWN Universe….have fun n play nice now y’all @EileenLeft

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