TGDN PJNet Member OpTrollBill and OsborneInk

Matt Osborne aka OsborneInk hints at murder…for the sake of adding drama

Matt Osborne @osborneink

@optrollbill TY, I’ve learned to shrug off the hate and focus on the facts.

Matt Osborne @osborneink

@optrollbill LOL it’s the state of Tennessee’s graphic, you go right ahead

    Matt Osborne @osborneink

    RT @optrollbill: But seriously thanks to all the new followers. Also, Bill’s groupies suck.

      Matt Osborne @osborneink

      @optrollbill @AubreyChernick Addiction’s real harm is that it destroys your ability to make sound moral & ethical judgments.

        Matt Osborne @osborneink

        @optrollbill @AubreyChernick I know exactly what you mean.

          Matt Osborne @osborneink

          @AubreyChernick @optrollbill Good point. Can we find the boy?

          Matt Osborne @osborneink

          @optrollbill @AubreyChernick Records sealed, but he’s out there somewhere.

            Matt Osborne @osborneink

            @AubreyChernick @optrollbill My curiosity is mainly to see if she’s still alive 😦

              Matt Osborne @osborneink

              @AubreyChernick @optrollbill The Class B felony alone carries a 10-12 year sentence.

                Matt Osborne @osborneink

                @AubreyChernick @optrollbill She can’t be THAT good at disappearing. Very few people actually are

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