EileenLeft Defends The Smear Blog UniteThis ; July 3, 2013

Like many liberals, Will aka @NextRoundup, was caught between a rock and a hardplace. EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks took it as a personal affront if anyone from her group ConnectTheLeft wanted to join UniteBlue. Though there certainly isn’t a shortage of liberals, EileenLeft decided to take the low road by making false statements and creating a lot of drama about UniteBlue. 

Because of his perceived disloyalty to EileenLeft, Will was punished. His phone was hacked and passwords were stolen which allowed illegal access to his private website. Nude pictures were stolen and posted on Neal Rauhauser’s Fameball wordpress blog. Will was smeared, harassed, and called a pervert for having legal nudes on a private website. This was his punishment for pissing off EileenLeft and supporting UniteBlue.

@EileenLeft Have you seen @Unite_This ? This is horrible!! Good people are being caught having to choose sides! Not fair!!

    1:12 PM – 3 Jul 2013

    @CountryDemocrat Yes, they’re not dividing, they’re a REAL ‘left’ group. Unlike UB who were planted here by right wing PAC to divide left

      @CountryDemocrat #ConnectTheLeft will work with @Unite_This and have saved a space for their info/tweets on our soon to be ‘live’ site

        @CountryDemocrat @Unite_This is not dividing the left, only UB is and that was their ‘entire’ purpose.

          @EileenLeft @Unite_This Many people have been wronged, slurred by bullies and their trolls. You already have false info on your site.

            @EileenLeft @Unite_This I can personally vouch for 2 sisters who are being labeled something they’re not. You are mistaken about the real

              @EileenLeft @Unite_This culprits here. This is too important to miss. Power plays between strong personalities will kill us all. I refuse

                @EileenLeft @Unite_This to choose sides. Remove me from your damn list. You are wrong for doing this, vindictive from your own bullies.

                  .@CountryDemocrat To what “False info” do you refer? @EileenLeft

                    .@CountryDemocrat Uniteblue is “labeled something they’re not.” Folks have been misled. http://unitethis.wordpress.com  @EileenLeft

                      @CountryDemocrat You are not making sense- just pronouncements. Are you a paid troll? @EileenLeft http://unitethis.wordpress.com 

                        @Unite_This @EileenLeft I have been claimed by both sides. You are doing more damage than you know. Wrong! pic.twitter.com/7vy3LkJNlU

                          @keyboardninja13 thanks, I did ‘just that’! I have No time for brainwashed morons cc: @Unite_This

                            @CountryDemocrat The same can be said of 140elect – who created the problem via greed & hubris. @EileenLeft #ctl #p2

                              @Unite_This he doesn’t get it. UB stole majority of their followers, added others w/o permission, added fake accts. CTL was by request only

                                @Unite_This and he probably doesn’t realize that UB as 140elect endorsed and ‘worked for’ Ron and Rand Paul + many other ‘crazies’ campaigns

                                  @EileenLeft The person primarily responsible for the confusion & strife is 140elect – no one else. #greed #hubris #control

                                    @sellitman @wordpressdotcom I read. Many joined without knowing who was truly evil. We were gullible. I was also gullible to join #ctl.

                                      @Unite_This 140elect, aka UB, are and have always been promoters of far right wing agendas and candidates. Entire purpose is to divide left