EileenLeft Gets Schooled About PoliticolNews

EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks tries to play innocent, Phoebe K gives her some truth about PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador the Canadian conspiracy theorist.

@xsdox AND, I have gone out of my way not to say much of anything about them at all. So ‘who’ is protesting too much…?? Signs of Guilt!

@EileenLeft As far as I can tell UB is on the up & up. It’s politicolnews that is trying to drive the wedge between CTL & UB.

10:30 PM – 23 Mar 2013

@EileenLeft UB is transparent. I’ve communicated w/ Zach personally. politicolnews, otoh, is secretive & spends a lot of time hate-mongering

10:31 PM – 23 Mar 2013

@EileenLeft I still do not know WHO is behind politicolnews. I do not follow them b/c rather than providing gr8 content & building alliances
10:32 PM – 23 Mar 2013

Phoebe K @rogersparker

@EileenLeft politicolnews seems determined to tear down all the good UB is doing. Again, I’d love to know how UB co-opted the CTL name.

    Phoebe K @rogersparker

    @EileenLeft As far as I can tell politicolnews does nothing but spew misinformation in an attempt to destroy UB’s forward momentum.

      Phoebe K @rogersparker

      @xsdox @EileenLeft I’m a latecomer to both UB & CTL. All I know for sure is politicolnews insists on driving a wedge btw. both groups.

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