EileenLeft Fighting Behind The Scenes or Hiding Behind The Curtain? Feb25, 2013

Rather than fighting behind the scenes (and publicly) EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks could have been contacting the 1090 members on her “list” and regenerating CTL.  Granted, she did a lot of work to generate that list but in reality after several years that’s all CTL was… a list…and a hashtag. 

Checking other posts in the EileenLeft category you can see that she stopped trying to connect the left in favor of encouraging attacks on UniteBlue and members. Basically your typical hypocritical, political wannabe somebody upset cuz somebody else might share her spotlight.

@Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 I’ve been fighting behind scenes for months, trying not to give appearance of division in Public Timeline. Big Picture!

    @EileenLeft @Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 I don’t understand what the problem is? Lots of people using a tag to organize tweets?

        I’m confused. Just read Simon’s piece. WTH is going on? @peaceisactive @EileenLeft @Mozi_N

          @kittyFitz50 @EileenLeft @Mozi_N Can you link to Simon’s piece?

          2:34 AM – 26 Feb 2013

          @Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 @peaceisactive @EileenLeft Ask Zach why him/and his father worked on 4 GOP campaigns for 2 yrs? Didn’t mention that?

            @Politicolnews @Mozi_N @peaceisactive @EileenLeft interesting. I would like to know more. Which campaigns?

              @kittyFitz50 Ask Eileen, ask 140 elect/Unite Blue what revenue recd from GOP party in past 2 yrs. Good for u to know. @EileenLeft

                KiityKitty @KittyFitz50*peck* sounds like something perplexing is in the air. Please keep me posted, if it’s OK.| http://bit.ly/VDHFd9  ♥♥♥

                    The side that encourages 2 progress #forward, is compatible w/BlueAngels like @KittyFitz50. Let them convince, by midterm it should b clear.

                      @KittyFitz50*Smooche* The focus is 2 move #Forward 2014, not stall motivation figuring out the factions. Recall & live the momentum before.

                        I agree. Wise bird. calming bird. @Birdseye1

                          If I owned an I-net biz I wouldn’t limit it to LW only. Doesn’t matter. @Politicolnews @Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 @peaceisactive @EileenLeft

                              You do realize this guy is just running a smear campaign? @kittyFitz50 @Politicolnews @Mozi_N @peaceisactive @EileenLeft

                                  I like exposing bullies. My kind of fun. Not sure if UB has great value or not @pizzmoe

                                    There’s a whole soap opera going on. I like to expose liars. That’s my main effort @kittyFitz50 @Politicolnews @Mozi_N @peaceisactive

                                      @lilmsgs I don’t know if it does, either, but if it assists in ppl finding ppl with common ground, so be it. I don’t understand the fuss.

                                      Just guessing: #connecttheleft is jealous of losing power/influence & there are RW forces against it. @pizzmoe

                                        It seems to be organizing like minded ppl as you said. Seems like a good thing. I’m interested in seeing what it can do @pizzmoe

                                          UB looks like a $ making effort, but ppl are putting real development time into it. http://MoveOn.org  is a money making org @pizzmoe

                                          @lilmsgs That’s what is appears to be, on the surface at least. I’m surprised how seriously people are taking it.

                                          I agree. But I don’t like smear efforts and for the moment I enjoy messin w/em… until/if UB proves unworthy. That’s how I feel @pizzmoe

                                            @lilmsgs @kittyFitz50 @Politicolnews @Mozi_N Lame personal attacks with lame “concerns” about progressive techies doing a great thing.

                                              @lilmsgs @kittyFitz50 Yes, organizing, motivating, influencing platform for Dems on Twitter. Effective viral community momentum. #UniteBlue

                                              @lilmsgs @peaceisactive has great potential. I am optimistic it is what it purports to be.

                                              @KittyFitz50 recommends getting acknowledgement from @Messina2012 & Co. especially nearing an election. Promote Richard’s #StopRush, big +.

                                                Pls let SistaK & #StopRush team know. @KittyFitz50 Rule: Any group’s action shall be superseded by OFA’s http://bit.ly/14YkZmn  directives.

                                                  @KittyFitz50 UB should contact http://bit.ly/Uf0AYI  for ‘vetting’ & then implement #OFA’s objectives to officially be validate #UniteBlue.

                                                  @KittyFitz50 This: http://bit.ly/Yt90cG  from @PoliticolNews, implicates @BarackObama with @TedCruz. Avoid stalling motivation. #Forward

                                                  @kittyFitz50 That makes 2 of us lol SQQn, back in the loop:))) @lilmsgs @Politicolnews @peaceisactive @EileenLeft

                                                  @kittyFitz50 @lilmsgs @Mozi_N @peaceisactive @EileenLeft Remove Twibbons in your acct settings, you’re being tracked by UniteBlue. Now.

                                                  @Mozi_N @kittyFitz50 @lilmsgs @Politicolnews @EileenLeft Ignore posts from @Politicolnews – weak attacks on #UniteBlue – won’t respond