Romano Continues To Make Allegations

There are three sets of rules on Twitter: 

  1. Twitter Terms Of Service, 
  2. the rules Ms Romano expects everyone on Twitter to follow 
  3. the rules Ms Romano follows which absolve her of any responsibility for her actions.

Ms Romano has accused people of photoshopping tweets. That is not true. We use tweets copied from the Twitter timeline so clicking on the time stamp (time, and/or date of tweet) will open a brower showing the actual tweet with its unique permanent Twitter ID number.

 Vox @deniseromano

RWNJs Harassing Progressives on Twitter #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg @DrDigiPol

3:50 PM – 9 Mar 2014

.@deniseromano If you look at my TL spanning years & can in any reality based method of logic call me RWNJ then your credibility is zero!

    @deniseromano Incorrect Ms Romano. MaryKate DMd me. DMs are not private, Please retract @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

      @deniseromano Incorrect Ms Romano. I am a Registered Democrat, Please retract @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

      @deniseromano Does this have to do with Federal lawsuit against Neal Rauhauser? Nervous? @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

      @deniseromano Does this have to do with Federal lawsuit against Lane Lipton? Nervous? @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

      @DawanAllen I would think with @deniseromano‘s education she’d be more reality based/logic driven.I’m NOT RWNJ, I vote DEM. My TL is obvious

        @deniseromano Does this have to do with me posting @EileenLeft tweets plotting to destroy #UniteBlue @DrDigiPol #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

        @deniseromano @TanzAtNight IS NOT A RW troll.I suggest you remove her from your list. @DrDigiPol

          .@DawanAllen @deniseromano @DrDigiPol ~ I see Ms. Romano felt a need to build and publish a LIST. ~ OK. #RomanoListWar

            @deniseromano Since I asked for a retraction I’m assuming you’re doing that right now @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

              @Alasscan_ @DawanAllen Z nailed the TC analogy, no facts – just pretend there are as convenience to a “look at me ” party.

              @Happyish1 @deniseromano @DrDigiPol I’m sure Ms Romano will correct the inaccuracies in her blog #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

                @greenmitera @DawanAllen I responded to her lie about me. All I intend to do. I can’t let absolute lie about myself stand, or @SDzzz!

                @Happyish1 @deniseromano Ms Romano wouldn’t publish inaccurate statements on purpose @DrDigiPol #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

                  @Alasscan_ @DawanAllen @SDzzz Oh I agree, I was referring to outcome.

                    @greenmitera @DawanAllen @SDzzz I know 🙂 and I agree. Just registered my complaint at attempting a character attack on me, now done.

                      @Alasscan_ @DawanAllen @SDzzz she’s sending her lie smears trying to garner attention like LittleHouse’s NellieOlsen. another #HouseOfCards

                        @deniseromano @DrDigiPol 1 year ago today Talley was outed after Trina kept it secret for 5 months #UniteBlue #p2 #1u #FJL #CTL #TopProg

                          @SDzzz @greenmitera @Alasscan_ @Captien___O @BullyVille I saw that mention of Buffalo in the pastebin. Buffalo sure comes up a lot

                            @deniseromano @DrDigiPol I don’t believe they’re RW’s but they’re as obsessed as Trina was. 24/7 some of them Tweet about CTL members.

                              @deniseromano @DrDigiPol I agree that they should remove your name/photo from blog.

                                @sean_politik @DrDigiPol My photo was finally removed – days later, but they have not stopped harassing me since I asked them to remove it.

                                  @sean_politik They’re obsessed w ppl I’ve never heard of & assume anyone who disagrees w/ them on anything is part of a group out 2 get them

                                    @sean_politik @DrDigiPol They do not act like progressives & they only target progressives. Also, evidence of RW tweets from them in past.

                                      @sean_politik @DrDigiPol & while they did remove my photo, the inaccurate text remains (crossed out) & now there’s just libel & harassment.

                                      @SDzzz @greenmitera @Alasscan_ @Captien___O @BullyVille Also Buffalo is on the Canada border by Niagara Falls near where PoliticolNews lives

                                        @DawanAllen @SDzzz @Alasscan_ @Captien___O @BullyVille and she says she is a we now – a kook and malleable to ones on the same conspiracy.

                                          @deniseromano @DrDigiPol It’s too bad. This has been a long war for both sides & a lot of hypocrisy.

                                            @sean_politik I don’t consider myself “dragged into it”. I simply asked to be removed from a blog & this is how they’ve chosen to behave.

                                              @deniseromano Yeah, I read both sides. They easily should have just removed you as requested. Nothing more or less was asked.

                                                @sean_politik And yet for weeks they’ve (10 of them?) been lying & saying I asked for more to be removed & various other lies.

                                                  @sean_politik One used my photo in his avi, another made a fake parody account & there are at least 3 lying blog posts.

                                                  @deniseromano Damn! It’s why I spend less & less time on Twitter. All the TwitterRats.

                                                    @sean_politik I will not be silenced by assholes. This is my only way to be political bc of disabilities that keep me mostly homebound.