Lane Lipton May Prefer Dogs But Sometimes She.Purrs

One of the pieces of evidence linking Lane Lipton to Tom Retzlaffs libel blog was a hotmail account called “she.purrs” that had a white cat as its gravatar. That account was used to log into the blog as an admin.

Her ex-boyfriend Ron ranted for days trying to prove Lane is innocent… or that everyone else is guilty. As evidence of her innocence he says that she prefers dogs (?)

I guess he forgot about her gravatar photo

My ex-gf prefers dogs, you idiot. All you do is stalk & lie about her. Leave her alone. @i9riest @JayLeidermanLaw @BullyVille @Captien_0

1:48 PM – 10 Mar 2014

Qritiq’s gravatar Sunday, February 17, 2013 11:19:12 PM