Breitbart LLC Corporate Culpability, Deleted Post By Rauhauser; November, 2012

Another deleted blog post by Neal Rauhauser

Breitbart LLC Corporate Culpability

Andrew Breitbart began harassing me in 2010 and I think the first cause was ZAPEM’s Enormous Conspiracy Theory. This delusional, paranoid woman has harassed me nonstop since 2010, sometimes with the involvement of paid Breitbart staffer Mandy Nagy.

The harassment was direct, personal, intentional. This was just prior to the 2010 election.

During the summer of 2011 Breitbart and some of his operatives were involved in the stalk & smear operation aimed at Anthony Weiner. I intervened with a few other activists and we came up just two days short of breaking it up prior to his forced resignation due to Weinergate. This is where I became acquainted with Los Angeles County deputy district attorney Pat Frey.

I described the frivolous suit by Aaron Walker and I won’t delve into those details again, except to say that this was the source of the tremendous failure by Dan Backer to vet discovery response before sending it.

There are four purported ‘swattings’ – false police reports leading to raids.

Two of them were related to the Weiner operation. The one on Mike Stack on June 23rd, 2011 appears to be legitimate. The June 30th, 2011 event involving Pat Frey appears to have been fabricated, with Brandon Darby executing the call and Lee Stranahan having some coordinating role.

Pat Frey, Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy, Dustin Farahnak, Douglas Matthew Stewart, and Mike Stack were intimately involved in planning and executing a long term effort against me that involved public relations, fabricated criminal charges, and the commission of actual crimes with the intent to implicate me. This began in early December of 2011 and the trail from the discovery mistake ends around the end of January 2012. Pat Frey visited the Dallas FBI field office on December 23rd regarding a hinted paid CI sting. Both Andrew Breitbart and current CEO Larry Solov were notified of the scheme on December 30th, 2011.

Aaron Walker was outed due to a course of harassment he had followed regarding Brett Kimberlin, Anthony Weiner, and myself in early January of 2012. This involved him being arrested for assaulting Kimberlin at a contempt hearing for Seth Allen. Allen, another in the string of mentally ill or psychiatrically disabled adults that seem to be involved in everything Pat Frey does, was outed September 14th, 2011 after a two year harassment campaign targeting Kimberlin. Recall that Walker is the learning disabled Yale law school graduate.

This tweet from Andrew Breitbart is in reference to criminal charges in New Jersey fabricated by Mike Stack at the direction of Frey in the context of their overall plan against me. Stack admitted to being on psychiatric disability during a May, 2012 mediation which resolved the first set of charges. This tweet was the evening before Breitbart’s death, February 29, 2012. The charges dated back to mid-January.

This mention of the bench warrant happened in the context of me and two of my associates goading Breitbart over the troubles Pat Frey would be facing for the witness intimidation attempt he made on Nadia Naffe. The particulars can be seen in Nadia Naffe v. John Patrick Frey et. al. Briefly, Naffe is witness to a variety of misconduct involving James O’Keefe and the suit alleges that Frey and his wife, both Los Angeles county prosecutors, knew of a wire tap scheme targeting Congresswoman Maxine Waters and either failed to prosecute it, or actively assisted O’Keefe in covering it up. They focus on me because I carried some paperwork for the New Hampshire Attorney General into a New Jersey hearing on an injunction attempt by O’Keefe against Naffe the day prior to a hearing on my fabricated charges from Mike Stack.

There were two additional swattings after Breitbart’s death and both appear fabricated. CNN contributor Erick Erickson wrote about the problem of liberals swatting conservatives, then he claims to have notified his local police he could be targeted, then the same voice heard in the first three events was heard in the false report call targeting him, too. That voice appears to be Brandon Darby. Darby’s business partner, Lee Stranahan, was an editor on Frey’s blog,, but he was ejected under mysterious circumstances within less than a day after Frey’s alleged swatting June 30th, 2011. Both Darby and Stranahan were involved in the Occupy Unmasked movie, directed by executive chairman Stephen Bannon.

The fourth alleged political swatting was that of Aaron Walker, which was timed just after a hearing in which he prevailed over Brett Kimberlin in one of his numerous legal motions. The audio has not been released, but the civil suit discovery reveals a long running pattern of Walker attempting to convince Fairfax county, Virginia, that Kimberlin and I were guilty of ‘terrorism’. We have the name of the detective assigned to the case, but this is new as of a week ago and will require a subpoena to get at the particulars.

The combination of the alleged swattings of Erickson and Walker led to a “National Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day”, instigated by Lee Stranahan, and ending in a group of 87 House offices calling on the Department of Justice to investigate the practice of “liberals swatting conservatives”. One of the signatories was Congressman Michael Grimm, then of NY-13, which has since been renumbered NY-11. Grimm faces a grand jury probing extortion charges and this was initiated by the rabbi of a Staten Island congregation who approached former Congressman Anthony Weiner for assistance with the matter.

The video comparing Brandon Darby’s voice to that of the swat caller surfaced in June 16th, 2012. This, coupled with the disastrously flawed natures of National Bloggers Club co-founder Ali Akbar and Bill Murphy, the Romney campaign social media director, effectively torpedoed the effort. The particulars of how NBC stage managed the social media ‘grassroots outburst’ that led to the DoJ swatting letter have been preserved in great detail.

This is somewhat speculative, but this group has long accused me of operating the @AnonyOps Twitter account, which I do not, and they have insinuated that I am closely involved with Barrett Brown, which I am not. Brown, the self appointed Command of Anonymous from #OpTunisia, was arrested for threatening a federal agent on September 13th. Public chatter indicates he was somehow driven to this, and I suspect that Pat Frey’s usual course of conduct had something to do with this. There are a variety of logs of discussions between Frey and Brown – Frey sought to have Brown “do something about Rauhauser”, while Brown wished for Frey to silence or discredit Robert Stacy McCain.

Next to the Breitbart organization McCain has been the biggest source of defamation in my life, and there are many signs of coordination between he and the Breitbart group, but none are memorialized in the discovery information.

The growing awareness that I was emboldened rather than cowed by Brown’s arrest, coupled with the disaster of the Dan Backer’s discovery error have put them on the defensive on all fronts. I emailed What Will It Take For Breitbart To Stop Harrassing Me to CEO Larry Solov on October 30th, prior to my noticing he had been read into the scheme to frame me on December 30th of 2011.

The harassment was intentional, long running, it started literally with Breitbart himself, it continued with Larry Solov‘s awareness after his death, and it included negative PR, fabricated criminal charges, and the commission of actual crimes, perhaps with the assistance of a corrupt paid FBI informant.

Their motivations are the damage I caused to the smear of Anthony Weiner, the Nadia Naffe v. John Patrick Frey et. al. lawsuit, which would not have happened without my intervention, the perception that I am somehow responsible for Breitbart’s death due to having been involved in a public dispute literally minutes before he died, the evidence available to state and federal grand juries investigating James O’Keefe which I helped to preserve, the destruction of the National Bloggers Club by me and a small group of partisans in response to the offense that they gave, and a variety of other legal, albeit highly provocative things that have been done in response to their indecency and criminality.

Normally such information would be kept private, but this flow of events has always been a public spectacle. Given the aggression, dishonesty, and desperation in effect I think including a link to Title 18 USC § 1512 Tampering With A Witness, Victim, Or Informant is entirely appropriate. I do anticipate at least one federal criminal indictment from what is described here, in addition to any civil action undertaken.