Bullyville Amended Lawsuit Filed Against Neal Rauhauser and Lane Lipton

In what might prove to be a landmark case in several areas, James McGibney (@Bullyville) officially filed a Federal lawsuit Friday, March 14th naming Neal Rauhauser and Lane Lipton as defendants.

Bullyville rocked the Twitterverse when he named two of Twitter’s most notorious characters, Neal Rauhauser and MissAnonNews, as defendants in his harassment and libel lawsuit.  That suit was filed in Texas, but canceled to pursue the matter at the Federal level, and to add Lane Lipton as operator of the OccupyRebellion and MissAnonNews account.

Neal Rauhauser, OccupyRebellion and MissAnonNews played large roles in the harassment and defamation of UniteBlue and its members. The outcome of this Federal suit, if it goes in favor of Bullyville as expected, would make it easier to file civil suits against these defendants in the future. That might keep these people tied up in courts for years.