Romano Applies Her Rules For Resolving Conflict

Denise Romano wrote a book on resolving conflicts. That is so ironic. Ms Romano is unable to practice what she preaches.

@UniteBlue Last night I was harassed for an hour by someone who insisted that I am a paid operative & not disabled bc of something I RTd

    @deniseromano @UniteBlue I keep getting exact copies of the same unviewable DM that my software identifies as malicious, & from diff ppl.

    @Spiggitzfan IDK why you’re sending me this tweet.

      @deniseromano I thot U were referring 2 being harassed on Twitter.

      @Spiggitzfan yes I was in tweets. Your tweet didn’t mention or describe harassment.

      @deniseromano I would describe getting bogus hateful DMs from ppl’s hijacked accts (who didn’t actually send them) as harassment on Twitter.

        @Spiggitzfan that isn’t harassment. harassment is intentional.

          @deniseromano Someone hijacking my followers to send me hateful messages IS intentional.

          Everyone gets them here and there. Its like nigerian emails offering money. No worries no one is harassing you. @Spiggitzfan @deniseromano

          @cwestlpn @Spiggitzfan Please don’t say that unless you’ve read all of her tweets to and about me. She was harassing & slandering me.

          @deniseromano @cwestlpn Amazing that U can quote ppl’s own words back 2 them, & they’ll call U rude. U said “How can U not C that???”, rmmbr

            Not trying to be mean but direct messages cannot obviously solved by uniteblue only by twitter. UB is for gulag. @Spiggitzfan @deniseromano

            @cwestlpn That is exactly what I told @Spiggitzfan and he was a jerk about it.

            @deniseromano I think severly confused. Maybe somewhat new to twitter or internet? I see ur frustation though with anntbush.

            @cwestlpn @deniseromano I was only wondering if the DMs might B a diff type of RW harassment besides twitmo.

            @cwestlpn @deniseromano I was not trying to infringe/ bother anybody. There R better ways to say they simply can’t help me w/o all this

            @cwestlpn severely confused and rude. I explained this nicely to him/her 4x & got a very nasty tweet in response. Blocked.

            @deniseromano Honestly, that is hilarious! Maybe you should go back & re-read yr tweets 2 me from the start B4 U call ME the jerk.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn Maybe I don’t know everything there is to know about the internet or twitter, but I never pretended that I did.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn At least when someone makes an honest inquiry my very first reaction isn’t meanness.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn And maybe I am too sensitive, or maybe too defensive. I’m human and imperfect.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn The ppl U R responding to out here in internetland have feelings too. Words typed into a screen still count.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn I never intended 2 start being a “jerk” 2 total strangers & I try never 2 say anything I wouldn’t say 2 ppl’s faces.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn I’m not perfect but I’m certainly not intentionally mean just BC on the internet I can B.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn So I reacted badly to what I perceived as rudeness from U, & 4 that I am sorry.

            @deniseromano @cwestlpn But I don’t think I’m the only one here who should take an honest second look at themselves.

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