Alan Rosenblatt DrDigiPol Is Confused; March 3, 2013

EileenLeft aka Claudia Parks claimed she’d trademarked ConnectTheLeft. This was untrue, she trademarked her name but ConnectTheLeft was never trademarked. It was a hashtag, not a brand.
She also claimed ownership of the ConnectTheLeft Twitter account, this was also untrue. It was owned by Simon Cowan who gave it to UniteBlue, it wasn’t sold.

Mr Rosenblatt, a member of ConnectTheLeft, elected himself as expert on all things Left.

@dawnsaffron @Politicolnews @TrinaCuppett @ElAchra @peacebird2 @novenator So @EileenLeft‘s brand collected followers, which Simon sold 2 UB

10:10 PM – 3 Mar 2013