DrDigiPol and Talley Discuss UniteBlue

For The Record: Bill Talley aka @Political_Bill was a member of ConnectTheLeft,  personally vetted by @EileenLeft. Talley also served on the Advisory Board of UniteBlue briefly but was removed from the organization as soon as his court case was announced on March 9th, 2013. Talley is still on the ConnectTheLeft membership list.

Alan Rosenblatt aka DrDigiPol was also a member of Connect The Left.

@DrDigiPol My issue with both @Karoli‘s & @RMuse‘s posts, 2 people I have great respect for, is the ‘false choice’ of their conclusions.

    @DrDigiPol The either/or conclusions; without providing any proof, it’s just as possible that #UniteBlue is exactly what they claim, or none

      @Political_Bill They claim it is a for profit company using progressive organizing to build its list. How is that a wrong conclusion?

        @DrDigiPol And, everything presented is hearsay, or their own interpretations. Before making conclusions, how about some evidence?

        @Political_Bill Evidence: UniteBlue was created 8/23/2011 (called ConnectTheLeft at time): http://bit.ly/YgHyli 

          @DrDigiPol What does “Godfather” represent?

            @Political_Bill Simon offers screensnaps claiming he registered it, but the dates do not match created date rovided by Twitter’s API.

                @DrDigiPol Okay. I don’t see the nefarious plot to steal #CTL lists, nor anything wrong with a business using it’s resources for activism.

                  @Political_Bill What we see s the very start of this controversey centers on disputed ownership of the CTL twitter account AND…

                    @DrDigiPol It was an inactive account? What do you see as the gain? A few hundred followers?

                      @Political_Bill And the 500 followers claim is unsubstantiated. I was among the early CTL community, so I am speaking from 1st hand observ.
                      12:21 PM – 2 Mar 2013

                      @DrDigiPol No matter the intent, it comes across as either a power struggle, or simply envy. IMHO.