Tom Retzlaff as @BV_Truth Goes Trolling Feb 17, 2014

Retzlaff, serial stalker and rapist, tries to convince people to take his side.

@optrollbill @OsborneInk Quit beating dead horse.Talley is last yr’s news.This yr’s is @Bullyville‘s civil suit against ur buddy Neal et al

    @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk Did u know that Bullyville & wife run a revenge porn site that charges girls $ to remove pics?

      @BV_Truth Well who are you? A friend of @optrollbill, @OsborneInk, & Neal? If ur gonna accuse @Bullyville of something, y didn’t u @ him?

        @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk James & Christina McGibney are the owners of a revenge porn site and scam girls out of $$.

        @BV_Truth I see why you were banned. Why would you lie about Bullyville and his wife? Prove your claims. @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk


          @SDzzz @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk BV runs Cheaterville right? Cheaterville charges girls to remove photos – just like Hunter Moore.

          @SDzzz @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk BV lives in San Jose, CA, which is a community property state. Thus his wife is owner too.

          @SDzzz @dabadooey @optrollbill @OsborneInk Cheaterville works with , a scam website that charges $199 for removal pics