SwiftRead And Zapem, Catfight; Sept 2011

Seeing SwiftRead and Zapem fighting always makes me smile. The “failed utube” would be Zapem’s Twittergate video exposing trolls for trolling. If you didn’t see the video you’re like %99.99999 of the population of the planet.

Here swiftread accuses Zapem of stealing the investigation and claiming her husband is a fed. Actually her husband is a retired cop and Zapem worked in the file room of a police department. 

FOS-> . We had 2 articles done before you went to Martin b/c Greg wouldn’t talk to you & you lied about your hubby-fed.

Patrick S. Read @swiftread

GTFOH. Go back to FAKING your husband being a Federal Agent. Which is a Fed Offense btw RT @zapem Your language is disgusting, PattonsGhost.

    Patrick S. Read @swiftread

    @zapem @Stormpeedo << btw ask Michelle for proof when she tries to sell you that her hubby is a Fed Agent. He's not. #teaparty #tcot #sgp

        Patrick S. Read @swiftread

        Greg already had 2 articles up re: Neal @Stormpeedo which tipped @Zapem off on our investigation. She’s a glory hunter & pubd a failed UTube