EileenLeft Lies Again; February 2013

EileenLeft made a huge drama after she screwed up ConnectTheLeft. She may have started the #ConnectTheLeft hashtag but she did little with it.  It was basically a Follow Back club and not very successful at that either.
After several years EileenLefts membership list for ConnectTheLeft was around 1200 people. The group had no stated goals and no leadership, it wasn’t going anywhere. 

Simon Cowan was the creator and operator of the @ConnectTheLeft twitter account. When he wasn’t able to get EileenLeft motivated, he gave the account to UniteBlue. The account wasn’t hijacked or stolen, it was given away. It was a Twitter account, not an organization or a business.

@shawnjackson79 Simon just handed over, (or maybe they bought it from him), the ConnectTheLeft twitter pg with its thousands of followers

    @EileenLeft so..uniteblue was basically your ideas, your members and your efforts hijacked

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