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JoJo Complains To TwitterDev About His Suspended Accounts March 7, 2014

JoJo didn’t realize he was admitting to serial accounts used for the same purpose which is a Twitter TOS violation despite how pleasant he thinks he may be. @ajosephcamp¬†Joseph (Jojo) Camp I have become the victim of a prolonged, and sustained assault against me by twitter trolls. Every time I try to create an account to avoid them, they find

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Timeline Of OpTrollBill April 26, 2013

OpTrollBill was originally Libertarian @truthbytheballs who allegedly joined Anonymous to fight pedophiles.¬† Once it was exposed that the origination of the pedo hunt was politically motivated by Trina Cuppett and friends, OpTrollBill disappeared. @optrollbill 2 hrs ago RT @Art_Guy1: @optrollbill It’s a shame we can’t get those who have been quiet about this monster to be #SilentNoMore @Art_Guy1 2 hrs

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Defamatory WordPress Blog BV Files Suspended; April, 2014

WordPress freely admits they’re short staffed with a backlog of support tickets but they finally suspended the defamatory hate blog BVFiles. Though the writers behind the BV Files blog maintained they were exercising their first amendment rights to freedom of speech, the suspension by WordPress indicates they obviously were not. BV Files was a prime example of Personality Disorders acting

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OccupyRebellion Threats Against Bullyvilles Wife and Children June 10, 2013

OccupyRebellion aka Sheridan was pretty mentally unstable, even for a troll @OccupyRebellion @Anon_WV Why? Because Bullyville ordered you to and threatened your entire family too? You can’t think for yourself? @OccupyRebellion Oooooohhhh Nooooooo. Bullyville and his trolls think they found me in Maryland. **runs and hides** @iamth3priest RT “@OccupyRebellion: @iamth3priest @Captien_Obvious Fuck off and rot in hell. I’ll help you

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OccupyRebellion, Famous Last Words May 30, 2013

Mmmm, I dunno Sheridan …a lawsuit maybe? @OccupyRebellion . @Cato_Cat @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @BullyVille Bullyville doxing me (female anon) for not supporting Gosselin? Good luck with that. @Cato_Cat @OccupyRebellion @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @Kateplusmy8 @BullyVille Im glad u can, and hope u never need another’s help, @OccupyRebellion @Cato_Cat @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @Kateplusmy8 @BullyVille See unlike you, I fight my own battles. I don’t run

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PoliticolNews Timeline March 13, 2013 Part 1

These are tweets from PoliticolNews aka Teri Salvador’s timeline. Serenity @nschim 13 Mar Serenity @nschim 13 Mar@PennDragonArt @trinacuppett @sdlaw2006 a twitter fund raising campaign?!That takes $away from Liberal causes Who keeps the $$$? Retweeted by Politicolnews Details 12 : 54 Details 12 : 54 Politicolnews @Politicolnews 13 Mar Politicolnews @Politicolnews 13 Mar#RT @TrinaCuppett @irregularjoe honest about GOP involvement & he

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