Anonymous Warns Karl Rove, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

The article below is from Neal Rauhauser’s blog, posted November 3, 2012. It has since been deleted.
This blog post is where Rauhauser sets up his scam about The Protectors, a fake Anonymous group that was part of a publicity stunt he pulled off with Brett Kimberlin.

Anonymous Warns Karl Rove (UPDATED 11/2/2012)

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The command center for Rove’s attempt to subvert the will of the American people is two related organizations:

American Crossroads


The former chief counsel for the Chamber of Commerce, Steven Law, works here.

Rove has a massive database housed at Smartech/Airnet in Chattanooga, Tennessee has information on 145 million registered voters down the the precinct level. They know how many voters are available in great detail and can get them to the polls even if they’re in bed with pneumonia.

This is similar to the 2004 MITM attack on Ohio vote counting that led to four additional years of George Bush, against the will of the American people.

Rove and the GOP use two firms tied to the late Mike Connell to manipulate elections

These two firms have raised more than $100 million for Republicans

Connell Donatelli

Campaign Solutions

Recall that Mike Connell conveniently died in a small plane crash shortly after receiving a subpoena regarding the 2004 election irregularities in Ohio. These companies partner with Crossroads & Crossroads GPS.

The secretive Scytl has been tapped to manage over 300 elections this year

Headquartered in a house in Virginia, actual operations in Spain, lots of ties to the intelligence community. Not at all fishy, is it?

Smartech uses Choicepoint for targeting voters.  ChoicePoint was purchased by Nexis/Lexis.  They aren’t involved in the scheme, but the data they collected most certainly is.

This is it, Anonymous. Will you tolerate a repressive regime owned by the 1% which panders to racists and religious fanatics in an effort to divide us, or are you going to do something about this?