Harassment Via CryingWolfeBlog, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

Neal Rauhauser was a prolific blogger. This is one of several articles he posted on November 3rd, 2012.

Harassment Via @CryingWolfeBlog Timeline

The following are PDFs of 44 blog posts that appeared on @CryingWolfeBlog‘s WordPress. This account is admittedly Mike Stack.

We know Stack was involved with the harassment scheme revealed in the discovery from Aaron Walker‘s frivolous lawsuit. Putting these up and ordering them by date is part of the examination of that content.

vets74-Stranded-Wind-and-Certitude-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-10 (incorrectly IDs me as vets74 on DemocraticUnderground)

%E2%80%9Cvets74-%E2%80%93-Democratic-Underground-Poster-AND-Daily-Kos-Diarist-Stranded-Wind-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-10 (incorrectly IDs me as vets74 on DemocraticUnderground)


A-New-Suit-Neal-Puh-Leeez-2011-12-14 (drafted Maryland suit against ZAPEM, problem is MUCH more extensive than I thought, but we’re close to confirming this is Michele Renda Savoca.)

When-the-shoe-is-on-the-other-foot-shoecrew-UPDATED-W-Emails-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-16 (this deserves a blockquote all its own. A bit slower than I thought, but here we are, defamation suit city)


Your efforts on CryingWolfe are laughable and will pretty quickly result in a defamation suit. You are not particularly bright, you mimc things I do without the benefit of my life experience or access to a lawyer, you have no idea where I work or what I really do, and all you’re accomplishing is setting yourself up for the same experiences Seth Allen is having. Knock it off.


Neal-R-2011-12-16 (reached out to Comcast security due to cyberstalking/geolocation effort. This is reflected in the discovery documents.)

Darrah-Ford-Neal-Rauhauser-and-Pornwikileaks-UPDATE-Screencap-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-16 (Pornwikileaks Stupidity debunked the idea I had anything to do with it. Computer intrusion, which is something Sean Tompkins is known for, and online stalking/harassment of porn stars, which Mike Stack is known for? Hrm, wonder if we’re about to clean up an old intrusion case for the FBI dating back to July 2011.)

Where-Does-It-End-Neal-Is-This-Not-You-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-17 (I was consulting for an NGO that was trying to match their mailing list subscribers to Twitter accounts. This is ‘stalking’ and it must be about them – they obsess over every little trace of me they find online.

Neal%E2%80%99s-DailyKos-Ban-ne-d-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-20 (Mouth breatherSeth Allen pops up in comments.)

ToothgapCrusader-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-20 (Dustin Farahnak and Douglas Matthew Stewart were much more closely involved in the efforts revealed by Aaron Walker’s massive civil suit discovery fail. It is a good thing I have a snapshot of comments from ten months before they knew I’d be looking.)

Neal%E2%80%99s-Black-Hat-Top-Secret-Letter-To-Aaron-Worthing-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-22 (This is an interesting episode, fully described in The Outing Of Aaron Walker.)

Journalist-Ron-Brynaert-menaced-and-intimidated-by-%E2%80%9CD-2012-12-23 (Word salad from one guy on psych disability about another guy on psych disability. This all just swims before my eyes when I try to read it.)

%E2%80%9CLook-Daddy-Teacher-Says-Every-Time-A-Bell-Rings-Neal-Rauhauser-Gets-A-GOOGLE-Alert%E2%80%9D-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-24 (Just about me watching Google Alerts for my name)

Eventually-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-25 ( Proof of possession of pilfered nudes. *sigh*)

Moar-lulzy-harassment-by-the-Rauhauser-gang-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-26(Someone was bothering Mandy Nagy? Dunno what’s up here, Darrah Ford popped up?)

EDiot-Neal-Rauhauser-%E2%80%93-in-lulz-he-trust-UPDATED-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-27 (We know they’ve haunted IRC and that they fingered a user ‘lnkk’ as being me. Perhaps this is someone from irc.wtfux.org? I, uhh, don’t use IRC very much, and the only EDiot I know is nachash, and that’s from #treehouse on 2600.net when we were looking at the William Welna logs. The world’s foremost expert on IRC misbehavior is Kelly Hallissey, and some comments are from ‘Kelly’, gravatar for the account gone now, but a thin trail exists thanks to the PDFs. Interesting.)

Stalker-savant-Neal-Rauhauser-and-his-%E2%80%9Cno-kiddies-rule%E2%80%9D-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-28 (Sean Tompkins appears in comments. He isn’t visible in the discovery docs, unless he is indeed AnonKitsu, which I think is a distinct possibility.)

Democratic-Consultant-Neal-Rauhauser%E2%80%99s-harassment-via-email-November-2011-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-30 (This Gaped Crusader person seems to have caused some truly profound butthurt. I had never actually read any of this crap, this one made me lol.)

Another-Threat-from-Neal-Rauhauser-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-30 (Stack or someone near him was quite proud of their contact with Darrell Issa staffer Seamus Kraft. His name pops up in this one.)

Neal-Rauhauser%E2%80%99s-gapedcrusader-2011-12-30 (Dancing in the streets! Gaped Crusader is gone and internet assholes are safe again. Comments mentioned what role the mysterious ‘Kelly’ plays in all this.)

Bvtthurt-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-31 (Encyclopedia Dramatica causes butthurt, a few derps comment. One is @witega, who is a public associate of @TRPWL, which is Sean Tompkins.)

Neal-Rauhauser%E2%80%99s-scribd-documents-deleted-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2011-12-31(I zapped my Scribd. I PROMISE this blog and the associated Scribd are not going to be deleted – I get a weekly lecture about this from various interested parties.)

Internet-Warlord-Neal-Rauhauser-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-12-31 (I am a total badass. I take screen shots, print things to PDF, and if I get annoyed enough I’ll put it all on a timeline and write a blog post about it. Fear my wrath!)

More-Cyberbullying-by-Neal-Rauhauser-%E2%80%9C-LulzShack%E2%80%9D-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-01-01 (@LulzShack, long gone? Account claims to be Dennis Markuze, a fruitloop Christian stalker from Montreal who sends death threats to atheists, sometimes as “David Mabus’. Comments from Seth Allen.)

Experienced-Wire-Tapper-Neal-Rauhauser-Bragging-About-Non-Traceable-911-Calls-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-01-01 (Someone sent Ron Brynaert an email at the end of December, perhaps posing as me. This leads to a whole chain of “wouldn’t stand up in a civil suit” assumptions. Keep in mind there is a known path from Sean Tompkins to Brynaert, and he’s suspected of being infiltrator AnonKitsu.)

Neal-Rauhauser%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Cno-kiddies-rule%E2%80%9D-II-%C2%AB-The-Crying-Wolfe-2012-01-02 (