Whining On The Internet, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

Neal Rauhauser was a prolific blogger. This is one of several articles he posted on November 3rd, 2012.

Whining On The Internet

This is a sad little spectacle. I can’t tell if Mike Stack is lying, or if his view of historical facts is extremely malleable. Not a clickable link, be mindful, this one was involved in various geolocation schemes that became apparent in the big document dump from Aaron Walker‘s frivolous lawsuit.


It’s fine with me if holding court on the Internet is the way you avoid warrants but…….

The next court date is November 13th at 4:00 PM.

The judge doesn’t ask if you plead “guilty” or “not guilty” to “fabricated” charges.
The Court Clerk does not send out a summons without looking for Probable Cause first.
The judge did not recommend mediation for “fabricated” charges. Nor did he put an asterisk next to them in the court record and transcript when dismissing them at my request as “fabricated”
This whole blog and how you targeted me for hacking Anthony Wiener is my proof of how you forced your way into my life.
Just come to a real court not a WordPress one.

So, bit by bit.

‘holding court’ – this blog does prosecute certain problems in the context of ToS violation or other administrative procedures. We produce reports that are shared with law enforcement on an informational basis. Some of the things accuring here are going to be useful for civil actions.

‘the next court date’ – having timed a report in early August specifically so he could smear me right before the election, then going on a blogtalk show to promote his big success, he doesn’t like the fact that I am going in at the layer above the muni court to put a stop to his antics. I am not even sure what the allegation is, but I suspect it’s some foolishness to the effect that I have access to@OccupyRebellion‘s Twitter account, and that makes me culpable for what they say. Judge John Richardson is clearly sharp, but he’s a sharp elderly guy, maybe seventy, and his court handles traffic tickets, truancy, bad checks, and other matters that are typically local. What passed as probable cause is likely not going to withstand a response on my part, but I am not even looking until after the election.

‘recommend mediation’ – the judge was clearly very tired of seeing Mr. Stack and the prosecutor wanted nothing to do with this oddball case. We were shipped to mediation. I don’t think I printed Mike’s name here until mid October, his unfounded charges were filed some time in August. I was completely internet silent from about 4/6/2012 until 9/15/2012.

‘proof of how you forced your way into my life’ – uhh, no. Michele Renda Savoca has been injecting her mental illness into my life for years and she’s Stack’s BFF. Stack was XXXPornTalk.com moderator redgoat and his Twitter account used the same name. This gem is from 2011, where he wants his personal information scrubbed.

So, my long time harasser is who helped Stack figure out how to harass me using the muni court system.

Oh, dear, he’d like to remain an anonymous harasser? Whoops.

So, you guys ponder that, let me upload PDFs of 47 defamatory blog posts I have preserved from the CryingWolfe WordPress blog …

Oh, bonus! I found the image of Stack with a hand lettered sign ‘Desi’ – part of the evidence from his long running harassment of former porn star @DesiFoxx.