Defamatory Tweets by ashymama2 And EmeraldCityJazz Feb 9, 2013

 As a child I was taught that malicious and mean spirited gossip was due to jealousy and envy. According to the K8 H8ers they gossip to save the Gosselin children. 

Once in a great while they actually mention the children.

@strawberrypsu @Allisstair @PRFANS @YouTube @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville she probably had sex with bullyville just to get it on her side.

@ashymama2 @strawberrypsu @PRFANS @YouTube @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville LOL Wonder if sex with her would be an advantage? Only for a masochist.

@Allisstair @strawberrypsu @PRFANS @YouTube @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville for the completely desperate? maybe?

@ashymama2 @Allisstair @strawberrypsu @PRFANS @YouTube @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville All I can picture is a plywood-doll. lol

@ashymama2 @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville And that Leonard-something her PR guy BFF of Bullyville, does have that dorky desperate look.

@Allisstair @ashymama2 @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville He probably thinks he can get in her pants.

@EmeraldCityJazz @Allisstair @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville will he fit in her pants with that large bulge in there??

@ashymama2 @Allisstair @Kateplusmy8 @bullyville My guess is that he’s like that part the best….a twofer…

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