Kate Gosselin Haters Chablis4u and EmeraldCityJazz Dec 17th, 2011

This is just part of one day’s conversation between Kate Gosselin Haters Chablis4u and EmeraldCityJazz. Some people watch way too much Reality TV.  The EmeraldCityJazz account has since been suspended.

Mom was right, TV really does rot your brain.

 @toughtessie @EmeraldCityJazz @Kateplusmy8 Kate said she left her friends at mile 25 but video shows her crossing the line w/them. LIE !

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Chablis4u @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Mady and Cara have taken over the parenting duties and have to give Kate massages.

 @JeanneKaye @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Seriously ??? Kids like to unwrap. Suck it up for your kids. Gawd !!!

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Chablis4u @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 We all saw Kate sitting on her ass while Jon did all the work.

 @toughtessie @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Kate looked more like she was pulling a caboose.

 @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @Kateplusmy8 Opinions are fine.But tell me where the opinion was in her tweet..

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Kateplusmy8 @TLC Yes and she was looking for the kids to spontaneously praise her something….anything.

 @Chablis4u @toughtessie @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Kateplusmy8 Kate Gosselin tweeted to a Real Penis? When did this happen? LMAO

 @SmithyH8Sheep @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 LOL Smithy… unless she was giving the judges dirty looks

 @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 LOL! Good one!

 @MiloandJack @JeanneKaye @Kateplusmy8 Why do you care?

 @jman6466 @EmeraldCityJazz @Kateplusmy8 How could we forget that YOU are the only here entitled to an opinion. LOL

 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 @TLC True, and she was trying to help her image. LOL, LOL…fail!

 @Chablis4u @toughtessie @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 OMG LOL, she was quiet scary looking, Bette Davis Baby Jane like scary.

 @Chablis4u @wildfirecrew @Kateplusmy8 She’ll bitch and whine at them for not getting her enough gifts.

 @Underwalt @kateplusmy8 Yes she looked ridiculous. She looked just as stupid with Steve on her arm at the Emmy’s.

 @Underwalt @chablis4u @kateplusmy8 I remember that, Walt!!! Kate specifically stated that she was finished with xmas shopping & wrapping

 @Chablis4u @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Your cracking me up.. too funny… push that kart around the dance floor

 @Underwalt @kateplusmy8 She was feeding the sheep. LOL

 @chablis4u @kateplusmy8 WAY too funny. Kate Gosselin on the set of a major network with a bodyguard.

 @Chablis4u @Underwalt @kateplusmy8 Walt and Chabs you guys are dangerous… LMAO .. Shall we dance to papparazzi and push the kart

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Poor Colin is already showing signs of OCD. 🙁

 @Underwalt @toughtessie @kateplusmy8 Those dancing pros are dangerous people. LOL

 @Chablis4u @toughtessie @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 LOL, she did gave new meaning to “Stiff”

 @JeanneKaye @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Evidently you didn’t care about your children’s happiness either.

 @chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Somewhere in her twitter thread this summer, Kate claimed to have wrapped all the gifts this past summer

 @Chablis4u @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 LMAO

 @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Kate’s mental disorder takes over their LIVES.

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 They aren’t allowed water so Kate doesn’t have to worry about then peeing for hours.

 @toughtessie @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 My eyes are still burning from that one. 🙂

 @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Her arse hurts? Is she giving the children Paddles for Xmas so they can “repay her kindness

 @Deelaney @Kateplusmy8 It helps not to wait until the week before Xmas to start. Duh

 @Chablis4u @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 yea she is a stah. just look at dancing with the stars..hah

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Kateplusmy8 @TLC That and the kids hated her for getting rid of him. That “training” excuse only lasts so long. LOL

 @SmithyH8Sheep @Chablis4u @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Yes, she cheated on her first marathon & that was enough for her.

 @ICYou1 @ashridash @Kateplusmy8 Actually …I DO. 🙂

 @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Kate thinks she’s a stah because she ran 1 marathon. LOL

 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 No, she only got Shoka back b/c @TLC wanted to make it part of episode, and for press.

 @EmeraldCityJazz @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 And then she complains that her ass hurts. So painful watching UR kids open their xmas gifts

 @EmeraldCityJazz @Chablis4u @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Has Kate already given up running already?

 @SmithyH8Sheep @Chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Go to her twitter feed and read yesterday and this morning’s tweets.

 @SmithyH8Sheep @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Poor kids don’t stand a chance with a mother like her.

 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 Exactly. She’s too busy to think of the kids gifts to each other. Funny,it took a shpl asking her,now she has 2do it

 @Chablis4u @Kateplusmy8 Exactly. She’s too busy to think of the kids gifts to each other. Funny,it took a shpl asking her,now she has 2do it

 @ICYou1 @toughtessie @EmeraldCityJazz @ashridash @Kateplusmy8 smelly diapers.

 @ICYou1 @belle379 @kateplusmy8 Kates a fake and needed a smile coach. She is never to be believed.

 @Chablis4u @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 I see Ms. Kate Grinch is behaving like a troll towards the children again.

 @ICYou1 @ashridash @Kateplusmy8 At least she has a husband to talk to. LMAO

 @MyBorderCollie @Kateplusmy8 Then they must hug and kiss mommy 5 times each and praise her what she gave them.

 @TheAustinMartin @Kateplusmy8 Tough wrapping up one gift for each kid. LOL

 @EmeraldCityJazz @Twtr_is_4_Twits @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 Her disorder takes over on Holidays.

 @ICYou1 @ashridash @Kateplusmy8 You are the potty head here deb DooDoo

 @Underwalt @kateplusmy8 No but they say what mommy tells them to say for fear of a beating with that red wooden spoon

 @SmithyH8Sheep @kateplusmy8 Don’t know ….wasn’t here.

 @ICYou1 @ashridash @Kateplusmy8 Hey DooDoo …What’s this I hear that you want to help the Jews?

 @Kateplusmy8 Kate has Shoka locked outside. She hates that dog because it was Jons. Had to get it back cause the kids would hate her

 @ashridash @ICYou1 @Kateplusmy8 DooDoo dribbles poo poo from those nasty lips of hers.

 @Chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Understood, she really loves herself, but what happened that is making everyone so upset with her?

 @chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Those kids don’t praise her and shower her with adulation. They are afraid of her ala Video on Youtube.

 @Twtr_is_4_Twits @Kateplusmy8 No time to get the kids gifts for each other. Just enough time to the kids gifts to KATE KATE KATE

 @SmithyH8Sheep @kateplusmy8 Katie Grinch. Me Me Me memememememememe !!!

 @kateplusmy8 The sheeple suck up that BS about the kids praising Kate. 7 Year olds do not go around telling their mommy how great she is

 @Chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Nice Picture, I guess you capture Kate’s Spirit of Giving perfectly. LOL What happened now?

 @razorpride @Kateplusmy8 LOL Mommy dearest and her wire hangers.

 @Underwalt @kateplusmy8 Nothing …absolutely nothing.

 @Chablis4u Hey Chabs why do you think I am a fan of kates? NO WAY NO HOW NOT ANY TIME SOON.

 @SmithyH8Sheep @kateplusmy8 Me too …been away for a few days.

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 3-4 seconds under 5 hours thanks to the Sag bus. 🙂

 @MiloandJack @mumbear9 Defended Kate.? She’s the most hated woman in America other than Casey Anthony

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Jon has kids fri to sun evening. Try agin with that math.

 @chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Kate brings NOTHING to the table except, ahh, ummm, well, truthfully, honestly, ahh, ummm, hmmm, honestly, NOTHING

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Kate is passive aggressive and not generous at all. She hates Jon and has made that clear. She needs to grow up

 @MiloandJack @BIogHawg @Kateplusmy8 Kate does nothing for charity. All for her own gain. Nasty Bitch.

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 LOL Kate is the one thats living off her kids. She doesn’t bring in any income except her 1 day blogging gig

 @Chablis4u @kateplusmy8 Good Evening, just returned, what’s happening in CrazyVille?

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Uh ……Kate was fired. Not being renewed is the same as being fired. Shows just don’t decide to end in a week.

 @MiloandJack @Kateplusmy8 Kate is extremely lazy when it comes to her kids. We have all seen it.

 @MiloandJack @PeggyScot TLC was extremely unhappy with Kate and the way she acted. She lost viewers with her nasty attitude

 @wildfirecrew @Kateplusmy8 Hope Kate isn’t going to make the kids miss Xmas the way she did with Halloween. Terrible mother. Just terrible.