Neal Rauhauser as @KidKenoma Haz A Mad

One of Neal Rauhauser’s many,socks on Twitter was @KidKenoma. He’s probably referring to Kirsten and JoJo Camp in the first tweet. And later on most likely James McGibney.

Kid Kenoma ‏@KidKenoma  51m

The woman in Florida? The young man in New York? Neither individually nor by acting in concert could they disturb my focus.

    There is really just one person who has been enough of a nuisance that they have gained my undivided attention.

      I have spoken quite plainly both in public and in private. I trust the message will quickly reach the intended recipient.

        Flawless work, @ronbryn. Anyone who tries to report me to LE will immediately get taken for a nutter thanks to your ranting. #winning