FishBoy Rages

I had the Br1Be account. I am not a conservative. RJ Sterling with his multiple socks gets upset when he gets called out.

Half of Shoq’s Followers Are Fake – #UniteBlue #LibCrib #p2 

@CribBoss Is it not possible to stop this harasser account @Br1B3 from using #libcrib? All its tweets are stalking liberals. @deniseromano

@apokalyptikk Any Twitter user can use any hashtag. I only have control of troll free libcrib. #LibCrib

@CribBoss Not sure I get what you mean by control. The troll I mentioned has had many accounts booted from @uniteblue for harassing libs.

@apokalyptikk Report him as spam. It will then give you options why he needs to be kicked off.

2:36 AM – 12 Apr 2014

@Michiganborn58 Actually, reporting the account for abuse is the way to get that menu. I’ve done that successfully with his prior accounts.

@apokalyptikk We have to keep the scum off twitter. lol

@Michiganborn58 Or try. But it’s difficult. This RW guy’s been attacking me & other libs for a year, just keeps pushing.

@apokalyptikk Sorry to hear he is targeting you. There is so much Evil on the Right.

@Michiganborn58 @apokalyptikk Evil from top to bottom. From Karl Rove’s genius for chicanery down to Louis Gohmert’s pathetic asparagus!

@Michiganborn58 An enormous amount.

@Mooncatadams Asparagus? He gardens? @Michiganborn58

@Mooncatadams @apokalyptikk I don’t understand why they are so evil, destructive, suppressive, oppressive against people that are hurting

@Mooncatadams @Michiganborn58 The user @br1b3 claims to be a liberal but incessantly attacks liberals & uses RW websites to defame them.

@Br1B3 @Mooncatadams @Michiganborn58 You sure are Lib & you certainly haven’t been trying infiltrate UB like that 1& his criminal gang.

@bookishpony @Br1B3 @Mooncatadams @Michiganborn58 Good Gawd!!! I guess vindictive troll has nothing else to live for but suspend @Br1B3!!!

@dleemar basically, yes.

@bookishpony Fuck him!! He can’t stop the truth & it will never stop!

@SeekritSquirrel @dleemar @Br1B3 yes. It is also stupid. He is pathetic.

Fffffuck RJ “@bookishpony: @SeekritSquirrel @dleemar @Br1B3 yes. It is also stupid. He is pathetic.”

@Br1B3 Sorry for the previous tweets, guess I shouldn’t believe everything people say. I checked out your page, seems harmless to me. lol

@Michiganborn58 No problem. You may have missed the insane attacks from last year. Some UB history is on this blog

@Br1B3 I caught some of it awhile back but haven’t seen anything lately. Take care.

@Michiganborn58 Avoid the smear blog the RW troll @br1b3 directed you to. It’s so full of lies the only true words are “a”, “an” & “the”.

@Michiganborn58 The “blog” the RW troll @br1b3 wants you to see is packed with faked screenshots, and like his own is infested with malware.