Is JoJo Back in Jail?

Claiming it to be a strategy devised by his lawyer, JoJo Camp will be visiting his Supervised Release Officer today (Tuesday April 15, 2014). Apparently she’s been harassed so much by the Bullyville crowd that her response is to put JoJo back in jail….?.

however, the attorney and I after many discussions, decided that the best course of action was an unusual course of action. One that no one is going to understand until it happens to dawn on them. I have full trust and faith that this plan of action will produce fruit and that that fruit is going to be juicy.
Viaview, through their lolwyer Jay Leiderman, have hit me in the only place where they can, at the level of supervised release. By harassing the supervised release officer so much, and calling upon their “personal army” to do so as well, they have spurred her to take action. I will not be online, and may be arrested later today depending on the nature of the meeting with her. In the event that I am arrested, measures of been taken, and a course of action has been planned just in case. Nothing changes. I will keep fighting against Viaview, and their lolwyer, until such time that they are both brought to justice.

Ummmm, if you go back to prison JoJo, maybe you’ll have time to contemplate that you’re actually on the wrong side of the justice. Yes, JoJo, you really are one of the bad guys.