OccupyRebellion, Famous Last Words May 30, 2013

Mmmm, I dunno Sheridan …a lawsuit maybe?

. @Cato_Cat @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @BullyVille Bullyville doxing me (female anon) for not supporting Gosselin? Good luck with that.

@OccupyRebellion @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @Kateplusmy8 @BullyVille Im glad u can, and hope u never need another’s help,

@Cato_Cat @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @Kateplusmy8 @BullyVille See unlike you, I fight my own battles. I don’t run to anyone for help.

@Cato_Cat @msgoody2shoes21 @IndianaAnny @Kateplusmy8 @BullyVille What exactly would Bullyville do to me?