OccupyRebellion Threats Against Bullyvilles Wife and Children June 10, 2013

OccupyRebellion aka Sheridan was pretty mentally unstable, even for a troll

@Anon_WV Why? Because Bullyville ordered you to and threatened your entire family too? You can’t think for yourself?

Oooooohhhh Nooooooo. Bullyville and his trolls think they found me in Maryland. **runs and hides**

RT “@OccupyRebellion: @iamth3priest @Captien_Obvious Fuck off and rot in hell. I’ll help you get there.” <– death threat. cc: @bullyville

@stilgarg I’m picking on Bullyville and Priest? You’re joking right? I’m defending the women they constantly target.

@BullyVille Your wife stays married to u knowing you’re endagering women.I pray someone fucks up her world where she’ll never be same again.

@BullyVille You still offered a reward for her info & you released her name and new address.

@BullyVille You know and you were told and shown the article about her rapist and how she’s been trying to hide from him. You didn’t care.

@BullyVille Hopefully your wife faces the same future that you’ve done to so many women and their families.

@BullyVille Why does your wife stay married to a predator who endangers the lives of so many women? Why does she allow you near the kids?

@bullyville You take this so personal like if they had done something to you. But they never have. This is none of your business.

@bullyville Kate has money & her own lawyers. Her lawyers told her she has no case. What part of that don’t you understand? @IndianaAnny

@bullyville If someone didn’t like you, what if they started uploading pictures of your kids as their avatar? @IndianaAnny