Defamatory WordPress Blog BV Files Suspended; April, 2014

WordPress freely admits they’re short staffed with a backlog of support tickets but they finally suspended the defamatory hate blog BVFiles.

Though the writers behind the BV Files blog maintained they were exercising their first amendment rights to freedom of speech, the suspension by WordPress indicates they obviously were not. BV Files was a prime example of Personality Disorders acting out on the internet.

BV Files was created in response to James McGibney aka Bullyville filing a Federal Lawsuit against individuals on Twitter who crossed the line between trolling and libel with Bullyville, Kate Gosselin and her fans. The blog was just another means for the defendants to continue their smear campaign. Many of the posts on BVFiles were fabrications or contortions of the truth and the comment section for the posts was also full of outrageous, defamatory statements.

While laws on internet defamation and harassment exist in every state, there’s often reticence on the part of law enforcement to get involved and confusion about who has jurisdiction. It is hoped that the federal lawsuit filed by James McGibney and his company ViaView will help solidify or set some precedents on the internet for defamation, hate speech and harassment.

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