JoJo Complains To TwitterDev About His Suspended Accounts March 7, 2014

JoJo didn’t realize he was admitting to serial accounts used for the same purpose which is a Twitter TOS violation despite how pleasant he thinks he may be.

@ajosephcamp Joseph (Jojo) Camp

I have become the victim of a prolonged, and sustained assault against me by twitter trolls. Every time I try to create an account to avoid them, they find the account and aggressive SPAM or ABUSE report it even though I don’t violate the rules or policies of twitter, and on several occasions permanently suspending my accounts. for example, other examples exists. I have spoken with attorneys and federal law enforcement whom are also looking into the matter.

Can twitter please contact me at the email address campjoseph01 [@] gmail [dot] com for further information?

My accounts are pleasant, and protected these days, to avoid these trolls,

@AJosephCamp (protected)
@1JosephACamp (not protected by doesn’t tweet at people)
@JosephACamp (permanently suspended)
@NotYourNinja (very pleasant and large (over 6000) followers,
@JustYourNinja (very pleasant and idol, just autofeeds news stories),
@Media_Stand_By (not even my account, it is ran by someone else)
@DayOrNightNinja (just idol and doesn’t tweet)
@TheGreenestNews (idol and doesn’t tweet)

As I have been targeted, I figured if I set them up and let them rest, they could be used at some future time when the trolls got me. I don’t know how the trolls keep getting my accounts, but please help, they are business and other related material, that flows through them. Please turn them on, and contact me for further information about these accounts, and the campaign of abuse by specified accounts.

Thank you very much.

7 weeks 2 days ago