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3000 Tweets From OccupyUnmasked; 2012-2014

Another of Neal Rauhauser’s Twitter sockpuppets is OccupyUnmasked. It was created February 10th, 2012, when Neal heard Conservatives were making a movie called Occupy Unmasked.Here are tweets from that timeline ranging fr 2012 to 2014. Most are automatic tweets by RoundTeam but there are some interesting tidbits to be found. @JayLeitermanLaw It’s just strange for @CattyIdiot to not bring his

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A Chat With Chet

Whatever Project Vigilance might be, it’s doubtful it is what it is promoted to be.After our conversation below Chet tweeted this out: Chet Uber @ChetUber · May 20 DISCLAIMER: I am this one time using my account for ProjectVIGILANT information as apparently no one realizes @LLCVIGILANT exists. This was just more smoke and mirrors, the Twitter account @LLCVIGILANT was also created after our

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Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline; Blogpost by Neal Rauhauser; July19th 2013

It’s amusing to see Neal complain about other people lying to him Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline 1 Reply Chet Uber used to repeat this mantra on a regular basis. This is about the difference between evidence, which is admissible, and intelligence, which is actionable. What do you know? What do you think you know? What can you prove? 01. What Do You

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Debbie Caplan And PoliticolNews July 5th, 2013

PoliticolNews is a Canadian but was a ConnectTheLeft Member and a Conspiracy Theorist and nutjob. Ms Caplan is an American nut job.  Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 5 @DkChoco I suppose we have many mutual friends. There good people. 9:11 PM – 5 Jul 2013 · Details  Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR Jul 5 @DkChoco What’s up with @Politicolnews? I was an early supporter,

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