Author Mark Singer Catches Kimberlin In A Lie

As a teenager, Kimberlin had a drug business with his brother Scott. The Kimberlin’s weren’t your neighborhood drug dealers, they had a major operation supplying 4 states with drugs. Brett had a pilot’s license by the age of 16 in order to fly to Texas to pick up their drug supply after it came from Columbia.

During Kimberlin’s trial for the Speedway bombings, his brother and business partner, Scott, was murdered. In this excerpt from Mark Singer’s book, Kimberlin shows one of his lying styles: stealing the experiences of somebody else.

“As noted earlier, he told me that while in the Marion County Jail, he’d called acquaintances in Dayton, learned the name of the motel where Scott had been staying, persuaded the clerk to give him a list of phone numbers dialed from the room, and referred the police to an unfamiliar number, which guided them to the killer. “It was my quick detective work that solved the crime.”

One afternoon, the three of us, seated in Brett’s living quarters, downstairs in Carolyn’s home, talked about Scott. She cried as she described identifying her child’s corpse, and the crying continued as she recalled testifying during the trial of his killer. She told of driving to Dayton with her former husband and his second wife,of meeting on a Saturday with a homicide detective who said he couldn’t really get started until Monday. That weekend, she said, they began their own investigation. They canvassed motels along the intertate south of Dayton, and at the third stop he found Scott’s name in the guest register. She persuaded the clerk to provide the list of outgoing phone calls, which she gave to the detective. One of the numbers led directly to a material witness, and the killer, George Shingleton, was arrested within a week.

Another jumped connection. I avoided eye contact with Brett as Carolyn spoke. And I never chose to raise the subject with him again.”

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