Twilight and Brett Kimberlin; OpCritical’s Twitter TimeLine

Kimberlin’s nonprofit organization Justice Through Music Project has a house band called OpCritical. Actually, it seems the purpose of the nonprof is to let Kimberlin live out his childhood rockstar fantasies while getting revenge (Justice) against the system that rightfully put him in prison for 17 years.

OpCritical Band members seem to come and go but Brett is always on guitar and usually “singing”… that’s another crime he should serve time for.

There are only two tweets on the timeine but OpCritical was trying to get one of their songs on the Eclipse movie soundtrack. HA HA HA HA HA!

Brett Kimberlin


 27 Mar 2010

Wow, we are closing in on 30K, vote YES on Twilight Angel getting on the Eclipse soundtrack
join tens of thousands who want our song Twilight Angel on Eclipse soundtrack, vote Yes on YT.

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