Captien Obvious Twitlonger Response to Neal Rauhauser Rant

Neal Rauhauser’s ranting blog on Sunday, August 18th 2013 caused both amusement and outrage among those watching him edit and re-edit his blog to create a story that would back up his claims of being framed.

Captain Obvious used Twitlonger to post his reply. The original response is no longer available on Twitlonger.

Captain Obvious

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For your record keeping efforts:

Neither myself or @BullyVille know @Patterico (Pat Frey). I’ve exchanged all of about 10 tweets with @Patterico over an 8 month period but I do not know him personally and have never met him or talked with him. @BullyVille has also never even communicated with him. Neither one of us has any interest in @Patterico’s political work, nor have either one of us been asked for help by @Patterico. Any comment to the contrary is an outright lie completely lacking any evidence to back it up.

Below is a recap of what ACTUALLY happened – you know a little thing called reality not the conspiracy fantasy’s Neal Rauhauser likes to make up in his tinfoil addled brain.

It all started months ago when @OccupyRebellion stuck their nose into a situation regarding Kate Gosselin and a lawsuit that @OccupyRebellion knew absolutely nothing about. Up until that time @BullyVille had no interaction with @OccupyRebellion at all and this is easily verified on Topsy by looking at both timelines. I had a brief run in with @OccupyRebellion when I dared to defend another Twitter user against some of its malicious and vile rape comments.

So getting back to the timeline – as part of the whole Kate Gosslin kerfuffle, @OccupyRebellion started libeling @BullyVille and causing issues. @BullyVille then publicly states he’s going to d0x @OccupyRebellion so he can potentially pursue legal action. As part of the d0x effort, @BullyVille trolls NealRauhauser and starts a converstation. Neal posted the entire DM conversation on his blog the other night – right before he deleted everything. I have screen caps of that entire DM convo as does @BullyVille if it’s ever needed.

The important part of that convo is here where Neal makes the following comment in a DM to @BullyVille. Remember no one FORCED Neal to make that comment – he did it all on his own and it was clearly an implied threat to attempt to scare @BullyVille away from d0xing @OccupyRebellion who clearly was a friend of Neal based on Neal’s very own statements on his own blog. I mean seriously who thinks Neal is important enough to make the effort to “frame” him for anything? Really?

Approximately a week AFTER those DMs, @BullyVille received a call that entailed a death threat towards his children. It is important to note that at no time did either myself or @BullyVille ever publicly state that Neal was behind the threat call and in fact I made a point to correct someone else on Twitter who alluded to that possibility. So, why would Neal then say @BullyVille was trying to “set him up” regarding that threat call? Don’t forget the DMs occurred BEFORE the threat call. Yes BEFORE.

Then in a blundering attempt to cover his tracks, Neal sends THIS email to some unnamed “special agent” in the DC office. Was the email was ever sent? Who knows? If not, Neal lied. And if it was sent, then Neal lied again by misrepresenting what really happened and making libelous statements about @BullyVille to the feds in an attempt to smear @BullyVille and get him in trouble with the FBI.

In summary, this ENTIRE THING has ZERO to do with politics – and that means Wiener, Pat Frey, Andrew Breibart, UniteBlue, blah blah blah . . . . ZERO. It has EVERYTHING to do with @OccupyRebellion getting in the middle of a legal situation they had no business being in the middle of PERIOD and then Neal getting in the middle of it and trying to turn that situation into some whacko political conspiracy. The ONLY reason I and others have been talking to liberals and conservatives on both sides and the ONLY reason they have all come together and started talking to each other is that they are ALL sick and tired of Neal’s games.

My advice to Neal is to leave myself and my friend @BullyVille out of his nutty political conspiracy theories. Because unlike Neal we have a little thing called evidence.

So there you have it folks. The TRUTH.

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