MissAnonNews, CrappyAirBags And LilSliceOfCraze; 2013

Typical psychotic rants of MissAnonNews are in the tweets below.

@MissAnonNews Seems bullyville has lost half his followers. Twitter glitch? Hmmm. Weeding out the bots, anons, fakers?

@MissAnonNews Have you looked at that particular BV acct? Has lost half his followers. Interesting

@lilsliceofcraze I saw a tweet from one of his zombie trolls who claims he’s trying to get his account verified.

@lilsliceofcraze How twitter would delete inactive accounts and delete paid followers. Paid followers he “claims” someone else bought.

@lilsliceofcraze If someone else bought those followers for him, why didn’t he delete the followers as soon as it happened?

@lilsliceofcraze I have a hard time believing all those accounts are inactive and paid followers.

@MissAnonNews @lilsliceofcraze You two are an interesting pairing

@LuluBot75 We’re now a “pair” because @lilsliceofcraze and I are tweeting?

@LuluBot75 This is the first time I’ve tweeted to @lilsliceofcraze.

@MissAnonNews lolz. @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 @MissAnonNews Yes, we are an odd mix aren’t we, given that I am a sock of Neal’s *wink wink*

@MissAnonNews seriously, take a break. You’ve lost the edge. Your paranoia is rampant @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 Why don’t you take the break cunt and mind your own fucking business. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews He may not have that many actual followers versus just lurkers. We shall see, won’t we! Carry On Gurl!

@LuluBot75 I’m sick and tired of Bullyville’s groupie whores flooding my timeline with their constant bullshit. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Lulu and I are friends. She is just teasing, given that I AM NEAL RAUHAUSER! *socks socks socks*

@LuluBot75 You’re a fucking sheep who stands by allowing men to abuse women and children because you have no friends. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 This is true.

@MissAnonNews ROFL I am a Cunt. That’s legit @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 Because you’re not capable of getting off your lazy ass and fighting for something doesn’t mean others can’t. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Girls! Lets calm yo titties and move on. You both have valid points.

@MissAnonNews Wow, u don’t really internet at all, do u? @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 I only HOPE a man does to you and your entire family what you support Bullyville doing to other women. @lilsliceofcraze

@lilsliceofcraze <3 @MissAnonNews I can't seem to icon my middle finger for u, but….u know

@LuluBot75 Poor Lulu, has no friends IRL and thinks an avatar is now her “friend.” @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 OK. STOP THIS SHIT SELENE! You do not make statements like that to another woman with an opposing view

@LuluBot75 Have you sent Bullyville your nudes yet?You’ll fit right in with his stable of whores who support what he does. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 I like both of you and can see both sides. Just agree to disagree and move on.

@LuluBot75 Unfollow me already if you don’t like what I tweet. I’m sick and tired of your constant whining. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews Selene, I know you probably don’t care, but I am going to block your shit. Get some rational thought @LuluBot75

@MissAnonNews U hope huh? I hope I get to meet you one day *fingers crossed* @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 Policing the internet like the other zombies with an opinion on every new person I tweet to. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Lu, just block her. I just did. I am disappointed in her behavior.

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze > We all get Paranoid. Usually when a new Super Hot D0x enters “the Box of D0x” I have tinfoiled

@LuluBot75 You’ve done this already before with someone else who tweeted to me. Fuck off. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze And seeing as Haters NEver Show. I always remove my Foil.

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze When Sabu got arrested I left work and Foiled for 3 days…

@MissAnonNews oh, I do just fine honey. Your concern is appreciated tho…now, run along and make up some shit. @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews Lolz, my connection to BV is nil save for retweets and buds. I SAY, UH, I SAY, DO U INTERNET???? @lilsliceofcraze

@CrappyAirBags Oh, HELL, I would STILL be foiled if I had been in any sort of similar orbit to Sabu. *shudders* @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75

@MissAnonNews imagine, someone commenting on a public timeline…i don’t even…THE HORROR @lilsliceofcraze

@lilsliceofcraze @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Naw, I have always been a moralfag. I only tweeted at him.http://t.co/Ybtxb3OuNV

@canadianglen @lilsliceofcraze @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 yes, I made up my own definitionhttp://t.co/fpN6BQ0fem I always do that.

@MissAnonNews Wow, you wish harm onto others and you bring family into it. Sigh. @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze

@MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze just because he has female followers doesnt make them groupies or whores but your sexism is cute

@brittabree @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze Any woman who’d follow & promote a blatant misogynist is at the very least a “groupie”

@Faye_Getz @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze Thank you for acknowledging that BV has harmed women.

@lilsliceofcraze @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 “You do not make statements like that to another woman with an opposing view” Enter God.

@EmeraldCityJazz @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 @lilsliceofcraze what makes him a misogynist?

@brittabree the level of derp here is mind numbing @EmeraldCityJazz @MissAnonNews @lilsliceofcraze

@EmeraldCityJazz Screenshots, tweets. Proof. @Faye_Getz @MissAnonNews @lilsliceofcraze

@LuluBot75 @EmeraldCityJazz @MissAnonNews @lilsliceofcraze it truly is. Like.. Almost incredible, really.

@CoyoteBoots88 @MissAnonNews Well, as well all know, it takes all kinds! Im just gonna sit here and drink my tea!

@lilsliceofcraze lolz @MissAnonNews

@CrappyAirBags @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Describe moralfag for me. I know what I think may be a definition, but dont want to assume.

@lilsliceofcraze @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Slippery Slope is Slippery. Technically it means no breaking the law.

@CrappyAirBags @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75 Got it. That is close to what I was assuming. I guess I would have to consider myself the same HI!

@CrappyAirBags interesting, big difference from my definition. @lilsliceofcraze @MissAnonNews @LuluBot75

@LuluBot75 @EmeraldCityJazz @Faye_Getz @MissAnonNews I am the LAST person anyone sld ask about BV. That’s all I will say. Untag me plz.