Allah Sanctifies Whom He Pleases; Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser; Nov 14, 2012

Allah Sanctifies Whom He Pleases

Just over a year ago I had an email exchange with Lee Stranahan over him announcing he was going to ‘film’ Occupy Wall Street. With him, ‘film’ = produce a steaming diaperload of propaganda, specifically Occupy Unmasked.

At first I posted Lee Stranahan Email 10/22/2012, which contained the content and a bit of commentary about Mandy Nagy being involved.

Then I thought a bit more about how gosh darned accurate I had been in my predictions, so I wrote INB4 Like A Boss, which was a review of what I had said, and then I prognosticated a bit on what I thought would happen next.

And this is the very best rejoinder he could produce:

Meanwhile, Rauhauser brags about his longtime interest in Islamist issues on his painfully dumb blog.

My first thought was that I should get down on my hands and knees and crawl from here to Redneckistan and back, apologizing all the way for not being an ignorant, toothless conman, and for lacking the life experiences aforementioned conman gained whilst running an outcall escort service with his wife as the product. Then I stopped and reconsidered.

Lee is half right in his characterization – I bet this blog is painful for him and his whole loopy crew. They’ve been drug through the brambles tail first over and over since they first made the mistake of smearing Anthony Weiner. The longer things have gone on the worse it’s gotten for them.

The use of the word ‘Islamist’ puzzles me a bit. I suppose I seem rather mean spirited in some of my doings, but this is purely out of a desire to help the ones I profile here avoid any further negative karma. I am a lazy householder, but quite clearly Buddhist.

The premise of the Occupy Unmasked movie is that Anonymous dictates the activity of Occupy Wall Street. This was a transparent, lowest common denominator play with the Christian fringe right – the whole “We Are Legion” bit has a specific meaning to them, and Stephen Bannon was pandering to that.

Parallel to that, Islamophobe Aaron Walker and some the other scum floating on the shallow end of the human gene pool were out trying to fabricate a federal indictment for me, and if they had to commit a few small crimes of their own on the path to making Swatgate more than just a conspiracy theory, so be it.

See, it’s all supposed to fit together. Anonymous (Satan!@!@!@!) dictates the actions of Occupy Wall Street, and I was visible with regards to both. If they could just make me some sort of domestic terrorist, they could segue into the fact that I have kicked the crap out of everyone who was involved in smearing Weiner, then bring up the conspiracy theory that says Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.

See the dots? Muslim Brotherhood, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, Obama, ZOMG MUSLIM MENACE ELECT ROMNEY NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!@!@@!@!@!!@!@!@

Only …

Huma Abedin is not an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Neal Rauhauser does not work for Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous is not unified, and I just knew a few of the media personas.

Occupy Wall Street is neither unified nor terribly visible any more.

Maddening, isn’t it, using everything you’ve got and hitting nothing?

Not sure what to tell you, Lee. Ten Commandments? Five Precepts? Avoiding committing the Seven Destructive Sins?

There is a reason all those shitty little tricks you guys aim at me bounce right off … every belief system forbids bearing false witness. I know this is lost on you, everything I have seen from and heard about you indicates you are one of those unlucky souls that is constitutionally incapable of being honest.

Go ahead, lie about me. The mere fact that events compel you to say my name just empowers me further …