Democratic Underground Coverage Of The Protectors; Deleted Blog Post byNeal Rauhauser Nov 18, 2012

Various Democratic Underground links on The Protectors.

I have no idea as to whether Rove was up to vote-rigging tricks this year (although I’m totally convinced that the Republicans pulled something off in Ohio in 2004).

Seems to me that if it’s true, and Anonymous *is* holding evidence, there’s little upside to Anonymous releasing it:

Why? Why would Anonymous release evidence against Rove? by MannyGoldstein

Ok… It’s From The Examiner… Re: Anonymous/Rove/Ohio… And Here’s The Author: – repost by WillyT

Thom Hartmann jumps on “Anon. foils Rove’s e-Vote rigging in OH” – link to Hartmann’s vid by 99th_monkey

If Anonymous has definitive proof that Rove tried to hack the vote, present it. – by ProSense

Anonymous Claims It Stopped Karl Rove From Hacking The Election By Hacking ORCA – Wonkette piece repost by ehrnst