Lee Stranahan Smoke Screen Alert! Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser; Nov 12, 2012

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So, this is to Ron Brynaert, Jen Preston, the NYT reporter who outed Nikki Reid & fakefam, Mandy Nagy, and Pat Frey, from Lee Stranahan, then Ron replies.

It’s obvious Neal got to her. And to JG, who became OR, and was DF.

I don’t know who I got to here – Jen Preston? It’s not clear reading the rest of his tweets.

JG is Jennifer George, a common name that was used to provide a smokescreen for what happened in Weinergate. A couple of women with this name have been harassed in various ways, this is one aspect of the coverup that is so far-fetched I literally don’t know anything about it.

OR is @OccupyRebellion, who was a Cape buffalo bull in a previous life. DF is @DarrahFord, who fled not long after the scandal began. They think that OR is DF, and they were trying to set DF up just as they did this “Jennifer George” – it’s intentional deception, throwing innocent bystanders under the bus.

This is a prime example of the deception strategy known as Jacking Around With Weinergate. I wrote that this was coming clear back on September 26th.

There are a goodly number of sock puppets and an equal number of people who are either delusional or complicit with regards to Weinergate. The ones that were involved sometimes take the sock puppets out, pose them in various scenarios, invent dialog, and attempt to confuse the situation to protect themselves. The delusional, obsessive ones propagate this crap.

So check out Pat Frey’s Sock Puppets. Examine the Pat Frey Weinergate Timeline to see how these false personas were first deployed.

Do NOT fall for this shit. Lee bringing it up and trying to engage Ron is an attempt to confuse issues and discourage journalists from paying attention to what is revealed in the Walker case discovery.