Swatgate False Report Timeline; Deleted Blog Post by Neal Rauhauser Nov3, 2012

Another deleted post from Neal’s Blog

The Swatgate FAQ explains what is happening with the various false reports in a simple fashion. The Swatgate Conspiracy Theory post expands on this. There is some evidence Romney’s online rapid response team, Hynes Communications, planned to turn Swatgate into the October Surprise!

This post is a simple thing, just putting the four events in time order with a bit of explanation about each.

June 23rd, 2011 – Victim: Mike Stack. A false report call indicating that he had killed his wife with a shotgun was filed by someone using a voice call service that concealed the source number. There were apparently a raid on his original address, a visit to his parents house, and then a raid on his actual location. Stack has never owned a gun and never been married. Motivation: He had been left holding the bag for the Weinergate setup and this was an attempt to silence him by those actually responsible.

June 30th, 2011 – Victim: Pat Frey. The entire story is purposefully muddled. The managed to get Ron Brynaert on a call with Frey, then feigned some sort of connection problem, then the false report call was made. Frey has been described as ‘uncooperative’ by the New Jersey detectives investigating Stack’s event. Motivation: He paid a coworker at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to produce Frey Swatting Audio Analysis, which he used in an attempt to implicate Brynaert. Like Stack, this was about cauterizing the bleeding from the messy operation against Anthony Weiner.

May 27th, 2012 – Victim: Erick Erickson. CNN contributor Erickson wrote about the practice of liberals swatting conservatives, then he warned is local police this might happen, then it did happen. Four minutes after he first reported it he had a short blog post up about it. A few days later he asked people to “lay off CNN” about the issue – they had their story and didn’t want too much scrutiny. Erickson is a Georgia resident. The first Congress member to speak out about the issue was Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss. Much of the story promotion was done through Georgia Tip Sheet. The GTS site is operated by James Richardson, a former editor at Erickson’s site Redstate and Brandon Howell. Both men work for Hynes Communications, Romney’s online rapid response operation. Working with them is Emily Zanotti, who was previously at Sam Adams Alliance. SAA head Eric O’Keefe (no relation) is known to be the money man behind the schemes of James O’Keefe. Motivation: Clearly a faked event, meant to further the narrative – well recognized media figure, clear trail of support from Romney’s online team. It’s fairly clear they meant Brett Kimberlin to be the Bill Ayers for 2012.

June 25th, 2012 – Victim: Aaron Walker. Arrested for the second time in a Maryland court room on May 29th, Walker won a partial revocation of the peace order Brett Kimberlin had against him, he drove home, and then there was an alleged false police report targeting him at his home. Unlike the first three, which bear a striking resemblance to Brandon Darby, audio has never been released of this call. Motivation: Walker had been attempting to get a Fairfax county detective to swallow his theory that Kimberlin and I were guilty of terrorism. The Outing Of Aaron Walker tells a far different story.

Here are some key points to notice:

1.) I have spoken to Ron Brynaert once and it was within two weeks either side of the June 30th false report. He has an impulse control problem that developed in 2010 – he is a phone screamer. The old audio they have of him is his voice, but it is not representative of his demeanor.

2.) The 2011 events were purely about Weinergate. There has been a concerted effort to conceal the facts of the matter and draw tangential connections to previous writings about Brett Kimberlin being the trigger. Having the next Bill Ayers would be a win, reviving a smear that nearly came apart before completion would not be. Pat Frey is most guilty of this misdirection.

3.) Lee Stranahan was an editor at Frey’s blog. He was banned the day after Frey’s alleged event and under circumstances that never held up. We saved the public conversation because it was odd, and it was almost a year later that the video comparing the voice on the first three calls was released. The similarity between the caller’s voice and Stranahan’s partner, Brandon Darby’s is striking.

4.) Stack, Frey, and Walker were all deeply involved in the scheme that is revealed in the discovery response from Aaron Walker’s frivolous lawsuit. Erickson is not there, either explicitly, or implicitly. Those documents cover December 2011 through January 2012, Erickson didn’t join the effort until perhaps May 2012.