The Protectors Claim ORCA & Smartech Hacks; Deleted Blog Post by NealRauhauser Nov 15, 2012

Amazing! A never-before-heard-of Anonymous splinter group calling themselves “The Protectors” shows up out of the blue, just in the nick of time, to save the world 2012 election.

And they decided they must notify Brett Kimberlin and Velvet Revolution first.

And Neal Rauhauser too! Because Neal already knew something was going to happen, long, long, long, before anyone else because he and Neal are Go To Guy’s for Anonymous.

And The Protectors decline the million dollar reward, bless their little hearts. They sound so much like Yoda.

I wonder whatever happened to The Protectors?  They were never heard from again…

And everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

Neal never clarified later that the problems with ORCA were due to bad technology and poor preparation not because of anything any hackers did. 

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